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  1. The fatcat millionaire banker today claiming that the majority of people in Scotland support Scexit Deluded 😂
  2. SNP attempting to bypass the independent electoral commission in order to rig any future Scexit referendum. The electoral commission of course has been clear since 2016 that any yes/no referendum questions are unfair and biased. Any future Scexit vote will be a fair and clear Leave / Remain
  3. Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon would benefit from meeting up to plan their election campaigns After all, these nationalist extremists will be using most of the same arguments to push their cases for “disruptive” * Brexit / Scexit * copyright the obese fatcat millionaire banker who leads the SNP at Westminster.
  4. A vote for the SNP is a vote for a hard border with England, the loss of the pound, the slashing of public services and the NHS and decades of austerity.
  5. The obese fatcat millionaire banker Ian Blackford today backing a December election. Just last week he described such a prospect as, and I quote, “barking mad” 😂 Obese and barking mad are good descriptions, mind you, of the cowardly internet hard man @cockles1987
  6. SNP preparing to go through the lobbies at Westminster tonight, hand in hand with the Tories, to vote fur a 12th Dec election. A date that the obese fatcat millionaire banker, Ian Blackford, described as “bonkers” last week. And which several SNP MPs are against. You couldn’t make it up! They don’t know if they’re coming or going. clueless! A bit like cowardly @cockles1987 😂
  7. I think Morgan would have been more involved had Rogers stayed. I also think that Celtic expected to sell Sinclair, and again, Morgan would have been more involved. Lennon came in and a new manager wants to bring in new players, eg Elyounoussi. They also have Hayes for the bench, who, not only is a fantastic left winger, he can also double up as a left back. Therefore Morgan can’t even get a look in on the bench. With Mickey Johnston to come back from injury I can’t see Morgan getting a look in anytime soon.
  8. SNP now offering struggling actors £600 to say that they now back leave in a Scexit referendum for a TV ad 😂
  9. Angus McNeil, a Scexiteer MP at Westminster, has attacked fatcat millionaire banker Ian Blackford’s pre Xmas general election plan (a date that the fatcat millionaire banker described as “bonkers” just last week). He says he’ll vote against it as will other Scexiteers at Westminster. Oh dear, it’s all going pear shaped for the Scexit extremists! 😃
  10. 3 days ago, the leader of the Scexit party at Westminster, fatcat millionaire banker, Ian Blackford, describes plans for a general election just before Xmas as “bonkers”. Today he’s calling for an election on 9th December! He doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going! He’s a total idiot!
  11. Terrible start to the season Its worse than Stubbs!
  12. A hard border with England as a result of Scexit will ruin the Scottish economy 👎
  13. Out of interest, when does the rape trial begin? the misogynistic, xenophobic, racist Scexit leaver crowdfunders should hang their heads in shame 😩
  14. Scexit and Brexit would badly damage Scotland’s economy Both these racist leave campaigns should be consigned to the bin for good. Remain every time! 👍
  15. 16% of those that voted for Scexit in 2014 now indicate that they will vote remain in any new Scexit referendum looks like folk are turning their backs on a “disruptive” Scexit (copyright fatcat millionaire banker Ian Blackford)! 😁
  16. Fat Ian Blackford, the obese fat cat millionaire banker, running scared of a general election! 😂
  17. A poll commissioned by Angus Robertson to highlighted the growth in support for independence has found that support is actually falling! Ian Blackford and Angus Robertson Dumb and dumber! 😂
  18. The £ millionaire banker, Ian Blackford, today said that the SNP would vote against the “disruptive” Brexit bill. With one word he destroys the very reason for his own party’s existence. What an idiot! 😂
  19. And some people believed Carl Beech! 😂
  20. The SNP MPs at Westminster have stopped England and Wales from leaving! You’re pretty dumb! 😆
  21. Doesn’t seem to get much attention but I thought McLoughlin was excellent today. Great player.
  22. Oh dear, you really need to stop embarrassing yourself you fool! 😂 You are so stupid. The forum idiot!
  23. I don’t think anyone thinks you’re as old as that!
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