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  1. The independence movement can get all the “gifts” in the world Doesn’t change the fact that Scotland will remain in the UK [emoji636] 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  2. Oh I don’t know I heard that you liked fat old men emptying their sack in your bedroom..... [emoji1]
  3. Don’t underestimate yourself You’ve actually made over 8,000 posts of shite [emoji1]
  4. Yet on the rumour mill thread you said May was shite [emoji23]
  5. He made 17 appearances for Aberdeen in the Premiership Did you ever get anything right? [emoji1]
  6. Cringe You’ve really embarrassed yourself on this thread. LPM has made you look like a complete arse Again! [emoji23]
  7. You don’t like replying to people your own age? [emoji23]
  8. So you were just dressed as you usually do then?
  9. Jack Ross got lucky in a season where there was little competition and he had the best player in the league, Lewis Morgan. Worth remembering that he inherited a squad that contained Morgan, Shankland, Mallan, Magennis, McAllister, Naismith, Mackenzie, Baird & Hardie yet almost got us relegated!
  10. Slate someone for comparing our youths with Chelsea’s.... And then compare our youth’s with Chelsea! [emoji23]
  11. Are you seriously suggesting that we keep appointing terrible managers, sack them after a short time and shell out on compo? I look forward to your standard, that’s not what I said backtracking [emoji23]
  12. Bobby Torrance actually started very games that season, albeit he managed to score a lot of goals in the time he did play. Donny McDowell was number 9 most of the season, he was my favourite player. Disgusting that you missed him out [emoji12]
  13. You certainly know nothing about professional football or professional football management Absolutely nothing And that’s a fact - just in case you’re not sure [emoji23]
  14. Stubbs didn’t rip the team apart. The only regular choice that you could argue that Stubbs let go was Reilly. Jack Ross’ “system” was Lewis Morgan Livingston’s “system” is playing the long ball game. This is a system which I have advocated we use on numerous occasions. Our problem isn’t the players, nor the recruitment. Our problem is our manager’s inept tactics. If we swapped all our players for all of Livi’s, it would make no difference to our respective results. Indeed, if anything, I reckon we’d fare even worse with Livi’s players.
  15. 2 months now and there’s still nothing happened in this space! [emoji2]
  16. Stevie May now scored more than all our strikers put together! [emoji2]
  17. Jim Goodwin makes Alan Stubbs appear accomplished! [emoji3]
  18. Our goal scoring problems are down to the manager’s awful negative tactics. Either he changes or he should get the boot. He’s been worse than Stubbs so far! I predict a 3-0 win for Motherwell with Magennis getting Saints goal.
  19. The Dundee Utd sporting director versus someone cockless thinks he read on here! Quality unintended comedy from the forum idiot! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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