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  1. Our record of going through managers is embarrassing. Pre season has started with no manager, no new players of note (who’s call was it to sign Lyness?), whoever comes in will immediately be playing catch up.... making desperate signings who won’t get a full pre season together. Has this BoD learned nothing? Exactly the same mess as last year.. more money thrown away on pay offs that could have better been spent on players, or facilities or.... whatever.. Rather than get too hung up on whether or not Mr Goodwin is daft enough to take the leap... and be our next bargain basement appointment, perhaps we should be questioning what Mr Scott and Mr Fitzpatrick are doing to our club?
  2. Two draws against two top four teams is a great place to start. But it’s much too early to get carried away. I have been a very strong critic of Mr Fitzpatrick.. and he was my idol when I was a boy. Loved him. Forced my dad to take me to Bristol to see him play when he moved. St Mirren to his core. Absolutely no doubt. That does not however make him a good CEO. That comes from the successful development of the club on and off the field, the setting up of positive and beneficial relationships and I have no idea what’s in his job description.. but I would suspect there is something in there about growing the support base and growing “the brand”. This season has been a bad season if we can salvage something great, if not, either way we kick our wounds and start again next season. Mr Fitzpatrick though needs to be judged (as the whole board does) on what position we are in after 4 maybe 5 years at the helm. That clock is ticking, next year is year 4, so let’s see where we are in 12 to 18 months on and off the park. That will be a very reasonable time to judge. I honestly hope I will be proven to be wrong. All I have done, like others, is express concern that I’m not seeing many signs as yet of any kind of strategic growth or enhanced stability.
  3. We’d all have taken a point from Aberdeen if it was offered before the match. The points total next to our name though doesn’t lie, we deserve to be where we are. I’m still not sure about OK, I’m still not sure about the structure and the people we have in place.. but I will sure as hell still be at every game I can supporting the team.. because irrespective of whether we are pessimists, optimimists or realists.. we’re buddies and through bad times and good we still keep turning up and supporting. I remember the last last couple of games of last season when the sun was shining and the crowds around the ground were heaving and I said to my son that I wondered where all these “supporters” were when we were struggling for wins and playing like donkeys.. but almost all of us on here are still there when we are struggling for wins and playing like donkeys.. and even if the great escape II is a long shot .. we all need to get to the ground and get behind the team..
  4. Agree with W6saint, he is being realistic. However, we’ve got to hope (and maybe cross fingers) that the 10 guys we’ve brought in can make a difference. But it’s going to take time for them to gel, for a few of them to get match fit, and for all of them to get used to what we call football in Scotland. It’s not going to happen overnight.. I’ve long thought that the current BoD were out of their depth, that their recruitment of people like Tony F and Gus M was misguided... and with Alan Stubbs sheer lunacy.. but they’ve backed the manager this window, and they deserve absolute credit for that. So all we can do now is keep supporting them on the park, keep trying to be an “extra man” and keep our fingers crossed that we can turn around what has been an absolutely horrible season so far. So good luck to everyone that has come in this window, and everyone who managed to survive the cull.. fresh start.. and a wee bit of good luck might make all the difference over the next few months..
  5. And what wouldn’t we all give for Jack to come back to Paisey? Been a rapid decline since he left... i had really hoped that OK might at least lift some of the lethargy of Mr Stubbs era, even if he was limited by transfer windows to change the personnel.... but what we are seeing remains absolutely dire... Been following Saints for the best part of thirty five years, travel over from France with my son for every game we can.. but have rarely (not never.... but rarely) felt as demotivated and reluctant to make the trip ... bad enough travelling from Renfrew, but the thought of paying for planes or ferries or whatever to watch us humbled by Hamilton...... made the trip on Saturday hoping we had turned the corner after the Hearts game.... felt like crying by the end... where do we go from here? Humped by Hamilton twice already this season, humiliated by Livingston... very used to ups ups and downs... it’s life as a Buddie... but this has been a long hard season already... and not sure I can see many signs of progress.. any words of inspiration out there for 2019?
  6. Had Mr McPherson been a wise and talented manager, he would not have been plying his trade with the Spiders (no disrespect intended). Just when it looks like we might turn a corner with the appointment of OK... we recruit another old boy. He’s hardly likely to have extensive contacts , he never appeared to be very technically gifted as a manager can’t rhyme off a list of great players he’s discovered... appreciate i am on the outside looking in. No real idea of what the job description might be... but hard to see what value Mr McPherson brings with him... the greatest attribute on his CV seems to be “friend of the BOD” . If there is a role to be filled, surely it would have been better to advertise it... try to bring in the best candidate. Whether the job is selling hotdogs, putting out cones or defining and directing football strategy for the club.... Mr McPherson probably isnt the best candidate! We have to hope this this does not impact on OK or what he wants to build and it does not backfire on the BoD the way Mr Stubbs did. We can’t afford lots of expensive mistakes.... unless we plan on doubling the price of buddievision the way we doubled the price of the bricks to give us a “pay off” fund.
  7. Late to the party here.. contentious as it might be, not sure how. R McPherson would be qualified for such a role. He’s hardly been deeply involved in football at the highest level since he left us. We have Mr Fitzpatrick doing a job he is clearly unqualified for. Now we will add to that network Mr McPherson doing a job that he is likely unqualified for (given we don’t yet know the actual job spec). Does not sound like a great plan. Before the barrage of criticism that follows, I idolised Tony Fitzpatrick as a boy. He was an idol (at least until Archibald and Stickroth came along). Even encouraged my dad to take me to see him play for Bristol C when he moved. He’s a great ambassador for the club, bleeds black and white like we do.. but he IS in the wrong job. I’d be fearful that Mr McPherson might just be exactly the same, an old friend in a job, taking a salary but not adding any real value.. Still we can bump up the price of Buddievision to cover the cost..
  8. Who could blame Jack for taking the chance at Sunderland? Life changing opportunity and if he does well no end to what he can achieve. Not even taking into account the wage rise, the facilities, the fan base.. Alan Archibald was hot property two seasons ago. Now no one would look twice. It’s a fickle game. Jack did a great job, gave us a fantastic season last season.. which many of us older guys might not see again... Mr Stubbs was always a poor choice, not enough homework.. crazy length of contract. We just have to hope the new guy (OK or whoever) can repair the damage Mr Stubbs has done. Our record picking managers is not great.
  9. Mr McCall carries an awful lot of baggage from his earlier days in Glasgow. Seems to be a bit of a changed man, Ayr Utd took him on when no one else would touch him (and his baggage). He showed great loyalty to them when offered the Falkirk job and he had ties to Falkirk. Jim Duffy is a name not mentioned yet. Know he was at Morton.. but great experience, shrewd operator, thought he was really unlucky to lose his job in Greenock. Would love to see Paul Lambert.. but suspect we couldn’t even afford his petrol money without a billy Bowie to help bankroll. Wouldn’t feel too sorry for Mr Stubbs, suspect his payoff has been handsome.. more than most of us will make for 80 days of work. BoD need to get this right. Someone like jack Ross comes along once in a generation at our level.. but we’ve made more bad choices than good in recent years. Mr Stubbs was the choice of this BoD what was the phrase “the outstanding candidate” .....I know a few Rotherham fans through work, they all mocked when we recruited him and told me tales of broken dressing rooms, terrible signings and no structure to play.. This suggests that the board did not do their due diligence correctly. They need to do better this time. When Mr Stubbs came in, he had a great landscape to work with - it needed tweaked not stripped down. The next guy has an absolute mess to clean up, with no transfer window, probably not a lot of cash and a squad that’s not shown much so far. It needs to be someone with experience and character. Im not sure about Jim McIntyre, but don’t know too much about him. Not sure what he brings to the table. Jim Goodwin was a legend.. but maybe too soon for him? Gus... the fact he’s not been snapped up by anyone else in the last few years suggests he’s not regarded as a great catch.. Suppose there’s always a bright side... if we’d signed Kenny Miller last week.. he’d probably be player / manager by now.. lucky escape?
  10. Jim Duffy? Load of experience. Knows his way around the transfer markets. Thought Morton sacking him was strange move.
  11. Jack Ross was amazing, he’s doing with Sunderland just what he did with us... but let’s be honest.. we got lucky. Our managerial appointments in recent years have almost always been catastrophic. Cheap options. Looks like no due diligence and not much of an idea as to what a good candidate “looks like”.. Stubbs record at Rotherham was horrific, the scenario the same as ours, poor man management split the dressing room, poor tactics, poor interaction with those around him. He lasted 14 games. He was deemed “the outstanding candidate” by the selection committee. What homework did they actually do to miss all of the warning signs? So whilst I do think it was the right call, and the right time.... the big thing now is who we get to replace him. None of the names mentioned so far are very inspirational, many of them were considered in the process that saw Mr Stubbs jump out as the “outstanding candidate” Someone like Jack Ross comes along once in a generation (when playing in the markets we play in). We just need to hope that we take the time offered by the international break, do some homework, think about what we need. Can we find anyone who can make something out of what appears to be very poor signings that Mr Stubbs has left behind? Can we find someone with the experience to clean up the mess? Mr Stubbs came into a good environment, positive mentality, good team spirit and broke it all up. It needed to be tweaked for the SPL not stripped down. Now we need someone who has the experience of picking up a mess, knowing how to fix it, and who can fix it quickly. That’s not going to be a rookie like Jim Goodwin (much as I loved him as a player) or a journeyman like Jim McIntyre. Let’s hope we take the time, draw up what the right candidate “looks like” and interview to that criteria. It’s not string theory... but our track record is not good (Mr Craig, Mr Teale, Mr Murray, Mr Rae, Mr Stubbs etc). Chances of us finding another Jack Ross are slim.. we just need to hope we don’t end up with another Mr Stubbs \ Rae \ Murray etc.....
  12. Doubt someone like Billy Davis or Paul Lambert would touch us at our level. David Hopkin is still out of work, football style isn’t great, but he can pull a team together. Board need to take responsibility for lack of due diligence. This is a mirror of what Stubbs did at Rotherham... know a few people down there who were more desperate to get rid of him than we are.Can only hope they learn from the mistakes and take the time to get it right.. I believe (from a few Dundee Utd fans I know) that rumours are rife on the East coast that Jim McIntyre knocked back Falkirk as he had already been approached. Time will tell... let’s just hope board get it right this time.
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