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  1. We all know hes been sacked but what are your thoughts on his next football career move? Youth coaching? Assistant coach? Serious replies please.
  2. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/cherylmckenzie?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Yimbyprojectpage&utm_content=cherylmckenzie&utm_campaign=projectpage-share-owner&utm_term=qnAJn2Aqj
  3. I do see and feel your sense of frustration at Alan Stubbs. Us at Rotherham were upset by his appointment as we wanted an experienced manager (we turned down Gary Bowyer, Steve Mclaren and Tony Mowbray). He brought in players who were substandard and the chairman even said he was worried about the new signings. He let both Leon Best and Matt Derbyshire go and took an eternity to bring in the ageing Dexter Blackstock. On a THREE year contract that the chairman had to pay up. He had no connection with the fans. He always sat on the bench during the game and let assistant John Doolan do the talking. There was a huge cheer when he decided to do some managing from the sides. He said after his last game that the players are told the same things and dont listen so he is either confusing them or they dont want to know. We paid him off after 5 months around 350 k and Doolan went too. The team was that bad that next manager Kenny Jacket walked after 5 games. So yes he is not management or a people person.
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