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  1. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. Norman Vincent Peale
  2. NZ covid deaths 22, Scotland 2,447 covid deaths. I sat in disbelief watching the news and the rugby in NZ, wish we could have football back with full stadiums. I think we will still be a bit behind NZ and football in front of empty stadiums will be crap as we will see next week when the EPL starts.
  3. It's just like watching wee Gus's team, feart to attack in numbers. But if it keeps us in the league who am I to complain. I'll just no bother going unless it's a cup game.
  4. The best player I ever saw was Frank Mcgarvey always entertaining always fascinating to watch. Although he wasn't with us long Lewis Morgan is the best St Mirren player I've seen since Frank.
  5. Can Jack Ross please come home now and help out his old club.
  6. So good to see us with a proper winger. Coys come on ilkay.
  7. It looks like we barely have enough cash to buy players without spending money on staff. Unless we could get a player coach ??? For the attacking option or lack thereof. It makes sense but we don't have the funds this season.
  8. Jrok

    Thomas Verheydt

    According to herald we are missing out on the Dutch striker boooooo
  9. It is true that Tansey is training at a rugby club alone!? What has Heaton done that he had to find another club? Oran is another example of issues at the club regardless of blame. Yes players come and go, mistakes are made. None of this puts our club in a good light and surely someone is responsible and should be held accountable. The affect it has on the team on the park and the results in future will show how these issues reflect our league position.
  10. Better be three subs on at start of second half
  11. Play like that week in week out for three years it'll just be you and Jim at the ground ffs
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