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  1. Both strips are honking but as I'm over thirty I don't wear football strips anymore. Hope they sell well.
  2. Bought tickets today, Brian Rice talking mince really looking fwd to the game now, hope Oran puts this quote up on the dressing room.
  3. It s difficult to disagree with elvis, i just dont want to think like him. I shall continue to support my team regardless of which league we end up in next season COYS
  4. I was so looking forward to this game, now i am so deflated
  5. Everytime killie got near the box one of them would fall over trying to get free kicks or pens absolutely diabolical from them, sad divers the lot of them
  6. Kilmarnock are hammer throwers and divers they deserved hee haw
  7. Tansey deserved a red card but as we know there is no consistency especially if one of the ugly sisters player's was responsible for a similar challenge , Scott Brown for instance gets away with it on a regular basis.
  8. Well said, although due to work commitments i couldn't go on Saturday and are therefore not hardcore lol, i thought from what i have seen and heard we are coming together again.
  9. Played well decent first half from what i saw, hearts are hammer throwers
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