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  1. Well done, the buddies. Nothing like doing it the hard way to make it oh so much more satisfying.
  2. Lol, it is a rare occasion that you need to correct someone because actually Saints has scored MORE goals than you thought.
  3. As a relative noob to the rollercoaster ride (seems like Oblivion at the moment) that is supporting the Saints, a bit of perspective is in order. A lot of you seem pretty jaded, but I think it is unrealistic to expect any result from the top 6 just now. Livvy are playing well, but the season is long, they will be back in the shit by January. I don’t think we are playing particularly badly. Just that other teams are taking their chances and have been getting the breaks. If we had done better with our free kick after their first goal it would’ve been different today. But I would say that 1 or 2 points a year is a bonus from your Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen etc. We are no where near competing with the top 6 at the moment, but we are too good for the championship as evidenced by the fact we won it last year. On the other hand, the Hamilton result the other week was awful. These are the games that will put us in serious danger. As long as we smash everyone around us, we will be fine. Killie and Motherwell coming are going to be massive... MON THE SAINTS
  4. Yes, I thought the second half was superb, the team just needed a break. I overheard a few people around me saying the gulf between ourselves and Hibs was enormous, but I had to disagree. Just need a bit of luck... and a goal would be nice. Would’ve enjoyed it even more if we came away with at least a point (which was deserved, overall). I think I’m hooked now. ‘MON THE SAINTS Also, Wee Jackson looks keen. Appears to be an excellent signing.
  5. I would just like to say, sorry for letting you all down.
  6. ...download chrome and buy Saints tickets apparently.
  7. Several times I have made it all the way through to the last page only before checkout only for it to tell me the tickets I were about to purchase were no longer available. GAAAH! Anyway, I have my ticket. Going solo, ladz.
  8. Yes, I'm a legit Apple bitch. I have an old windows laptop that I can dig out. Yass
  9. Gawd, they really hook you in and scythe you down.
  10. Is it just me, or is the ticket purchasing experience on the official Saints website a bit of an excruciating and frustrating experience? I've never had such an infuriating time trying to buy tickets for something, including Prince at the Millennium Dome, which I didn't even get tickets for. POR QUE!!
  11. Could’ve went for Pickle Rick, but here’s a slight curveball. Rick James Bitch!
  12. I feel honoured to have all this banter on my first post. Have no idea what’s going on though. It’s like getting dropped into the middle of Emmerdale having previously been unaware of the existence of it and having to work out all the storylines and what’s the beef with all the characters.
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