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  1. I wish I shared your optimism, you refer to one time costs in your posts. Do you have any idea what these are or are you just falling in line with the statement issued by the Chairman/Club when the accounts were published. Ralston, imo, does not fall into a one time cost as there will also be repairs and maintenance needed, which any company worth their salt, would have a budget set aside every trading year for this. Perhaps you could enlighten me to these? Very positive league performance - we are currently lying 6th and have just as much chance of finishing in 10th as we do of reaching 4th. Attendances - Definitely on the rise, great that the club has a lot of different initiatives on the go. Hopefully there is a lot of full paying punters among this rise in attendance. Multiple sellable assets - Remains complete conjecture, I would certainly not be running the business on that basis. The manager - Doing a great job for the club but speculation does not pay the bills i'm afraid. A loss of 1.6 million for a club of our size (whether on paper or in actual pound notes) is alarming and horrendous to say the least. I am struggling to see why there are not a lot more of our support concerned about this.
  2. Very unfair on the the new manager, you point out all the positions at fault tonight, what manager was it that signed them? The time to judge the new manager is at least a year from now when he has had 2 transfer windows under his belt. Hearts have been a yard sharper in all positions in at least 3 of the 4 games we have played them so far. (hate typing that with their prick of a manager) We scored two crackers but were beaten (again) by the better team, if you want to lay that at the new managers door so be it.
  3. He is sitting in the directors box next to their chairman according to the radio. (Out with a hamstring injury)
  4. Knickerwetters out in mid August 😄 Man up FFS
  5. My knickers are bone dry thanks, I was only pointing out that on the back of an average season, that it may have been more prudent not to reward the manager with such a lucrative contract. He is still a young manager learning his trade, so do not understand why he was rewarded so handsomely by our club. I only know this information because our CEO couldn't wait to tell the world that this was the case when the manager signed a new deal. Maybe there are some lessons to be learned by the CEO, or did he think a bigger club was poised to come in and steal him?
  6. Pity we made him the most expensive manager in the club's history, so would assume if it does happen it would cost a small fortune.
  7. I can assure you this is me keeping my post constructive.[emoji106]
  8. The boy is 20 years of age, yet in your very next post you say he may not have the "engine" to play centre midfield? What age do you need to be to play this position?Where do you see him playing? He broke into the team as a fill in left back and after failing there people said give him a chance in his real position. If you want to cut to the chase, he is nowhere near good enough to be playing football at this level at this time. And if he does want a future in the game he needs to go and work extremely hard at his weaknesses of which there are many. Taking responsibility comes in many forms, looking interested would be a start. Not marking "ghosts" outside the box would be another. Not falling over at the slightest touch would be another. I have no idea why the manager picks him most weeks, so that is even more worrying in my opinion. Just because a player came through our youth ranks, does not mean they are exempt from comment.
  9. Why can you not? He plays centre mid, yet is lethargic, cannot head the ball, cannot kick with his right foot, gives away stupid fouls and in general takes no responsibility.
  10. Okay I will go for an Uber moan ..shambolic all over the pitch and has been for the bulk of the season. The manager should thank his lucky stars there has been no crowds in as they wouldn't put up with that dross. Sadly the defence now looks as nervy as the rest of the team. Doesn't help when the manager cannot work out whether to go with a 3 or a 4, he over thinks everything. It doesn't help we have played the whole season without a left back, as the one we have on loan proved in the cup semi to not be good enough. JDH is never a holding midfielder in a million years and I won't start on the boy next to him, as he seems to be a fans favourite, but offers nothing every week. The seasons almost up and the manager still cannot work out who to play up front. The only hope for next week is the St.Johnstone goalie loses the power of his arms, the same as the Killie goalie, as he is the reason we have a semi to look forward to.
  11. All depends on what you count as success or failure, if success is avoiding a relegation scrap we should just about manage that. Midfield and forward has had no continuity or style of play for the majority of the season. As someone else has pointed out we have actually only played well in a handful of games all season. We have a manager who spends to much time worrying about the opposition rather than letting them worry about us. Our "success" this season has been built solely on our very reliable goalkeeper and the defence. We have turned JDH from a box to box midfielder into a very average holding midfielder and you could probably say the same about Ethan beside him. Durmus is asked one week to play as a wing back then the next a winger is it any wonder he looks lost at times. The least said about the right hand side of midfield the better, where Connolly and McAllister compete most weeks to see who can run about the most and contribute nothing to the team. We have a multitude of forwards and for me, they all fall into the "mehh" category, oh for a Somner, McDougall, McAvennie... sorry showing my age. Finally we have a manager that overthinks everything and seems scared to take risks and today was another perfect example of this. To summarise I feel sorry for the guys at the back, but going forward that is not a top six team i'm afraid.
  12. Has been for weeks unfortunately, I struggle to see how the manager cannot see this.
  13. Cannot wait to get back to the stadium, not to watch the football so much, but to get away from that commentator. If you had a season ticket next to him gibbering pish you would move seats for sure. Bla Bla Bla about heart disease, when the ball is ricocheting around our box while 2 of our players are lying flat on the ground. Do your sponsorship stuff at the right time ya fud!! Rant over.. credit as usual to the defence and goalie, thought McCarthy was a stick out. Midfield to front was pretty hit or miss as it has been for the bulk of the season. You certainly could not argue with the work rate today though, a very valuable 3 points!
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