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  1. All good points.. our goalie and defence are solid but Jim needs to find a system that suits the midfield and strikers. Bar some rare flashes we are still struggling to score or even threaten to in most games. Foley and Flynn must be due a shot in the middle as we are pedestrian at best in there most weeks, I agree totally re your point about JDH. I can only assume they are not fit to play as they are very rarely even seen off the bench now?
  2. Cammy, Flynn and Foley must be wondering what they need to do to get a game in that midfield.
  3. Thanks for your input . But maybe more nothing than some currently playing there.
  4. Need to get Sam Foley back into the midfield, to give us a bit of dig and win some tackles. We have some big games coming up and need his experience in there.
  5. Because Ethan took no responsibility and gave him a poor pass.
  6. I would imagine that when we were given the go ahead to start back training that someone would have sat the players down (socially distanced😃) and explained what they can and cannot do. Why then are we as a club in so many breaches of things that are/were off limits, it is staggering to believe that a Professional football club can get so many things wrong. Also what is more worrying that it looks like nobody (covid officer, manager, coaches, doctors, physio, ceo, chairman...delete as appropriate) had the foresight to put a stop to it. I look forward to top four Tony's comments or even better a statement from the Chairman (do we still have one?) I would hope that the appointment of the ex police and the safety man, means that the players are now managing that extremely difficult task of socially distancing on the bus and while being fed?
  7. So frustrating but so St.Mirren, one switch off moment and we get punished, why does it always seem we do not get these moments go for us? I still believe we are not brave enough and we need to start letting the opposition worry about our strengths rather than playing football to a manual. A classic example today was Kyle seemed to spend his whole game thinking about their left back rather than vice versa. As I have said before we have probably the best goalkeeper in our history playing for us, at the minute, so surely we should be taking advantage of this and be far more attacking and take risks. Also big Kirkie and McLoughlin are cruising games at the minute, so let's start getting the midfield more forward thinking, and rely on them keeping the opposition at bay when needed. I have my own thoughts on our forward players but do not think they can be properly judged until we see them get some proper support and stop living off of scraps and breakaways that they currently have to deal with. Our defensive goals column is very commendable but to have only scored 5 goals in 10 games is abysmal. As this is the match thread, we, to a man, ran about and gave our all but never really looked like scoring. Sound familiar?
  8. Do not understand why you mention dropping Andreu for Flynn or McGinn? The captain and Andreu are completely different types of player and more importantly play in different areas of the pitch. I for one was delighted he was back in today and he proved his worth throughout the game, this was highlighted by him clearing one off the line and having a part in the second goal. (you probably cannot work this out) My motm match was Foley, probably because he was having to do the work of two people!
  9. We have the best goalkeeper in recent memory and maybe of all time playing for us, so surely this is the time to be more expansive? As much as I admire the players work rate we seem to set up being more worried about how the opponents are playing rather than focusing on our strengths going forward. Maybe we don't have many but if we don't try we will never know. There is a coat of paint this season between all the clubs outside the old firm but we still find ourselves struggling towards the bottom of the league. Our defensive record is very commendable but 3 goals scored in 7 games is not good enough and there are only so many hard luck stories that the manager can spout. I have no problem setting up against the old firm in the way we are playing but we need to take the shackles off against the other teams. Probably should not have posted this on the match day thread but there wasn't really much to talk about again!
  10. Just back in from the pub and had a quick glance at this thread?? So rather than comment on what has been said before.. I saw a very determined Saints team that matched the horrible way that the opposition play football. We were certainly not free flowing but in our situation and with that weather could we expect anything different? I also saw our "defensive" midfielder run 60-70 yards, in the last few minutes of the game, to get on the rebound of a tremendous run and shot by Simeon and get his reward. I have no idea how he scored as I was too busy looking for the linesman putting his flag up for offside (the St. Mirren fan in me!) I then found myself running down steps in the main stand to pass on my regards to the Livingston manager ( the wee one not the big one). After waiting to clap the team off the pitch, I was leaving the ground and looked across to W7 and found there was still a band of fans singing a song that I have no idea what it was. Glad to see there are people still up for the fight and not point scoring on here!
  11. Being honest I think he is completely out his depth. He has a terrible habit of changing formation or personnel early in a game and this just leads to the players doubting themselves. Case in point was Wednesday night when Jack was taken off midway through the first half, this was against a team who had won there last 4 games and played more or less the same team in these games. What were we surprised about? Or were we just trying to shoehorn Ferdinand into a starting position? (I have no idea why somebody who's best days are long behind him is accepted by the bulk of the support) You would think, that with the amount of people cutting about the dugout area with their initials on their kit, that we would be extremely organised, fit, and the players would know there jobs down to a tee. We got caught offside from a short corner today!! And finally it has taken the management team three and half games to work out that our number "10" is one of the biggest imposters ever to wear the stripes.
  12. Sorry Pod I should have explained better in my post. I have a ST so only use the online facility to purchase away tickets, I appreciate there will be time limits from the club in posting out, but yesterday I tried to buy tickets for 10 days in advance (Brechin game) and was met with only the "pick up from ticket office" option. Hopefully the online ticketing system is something the club will be looking at over the summer months, as the OP has outlined it seems a bit hit and miss at the moment, and we should be making it as easy as possible for our support to organise the purchase of their tickets.
  13. The biggest problem I find is after putting my tickets in the basket, the dropdown option only allows me to pick them up from the ticket office? As I don't stay in Paisley this totally negates the whole process of buying online for me. I now just phone the ticket office, where they are very helpful, and they pop them in the post for me.
  14. Great second half performance, on a dodgy pitch with a very strong wind sweeping across the pitch, we controlled play and totally dictated the outcome of the match. Lewis back to his piss taking best and the desire of Kyle from of central position were a joy to watch. Special mention to Bairdy who was immense at the back and to Stellios who had to come on "cold" after the injury to Eckersley. Support for the team was tremendous from both the stand and from the "drum boys" on the terracing. The talk in the car home has now changed from if to when, no pressure Jack!
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