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  1. Oh brilliant, Thanks a lot mate.
  2. Yea I did attend last nights game, I cant believe how non existent Hammill was last night if anything it answered mine and many Barnsley fans questions as to why we released him, honestly it split the fans us not offering him a new deal but after last nights performance its made me understand why.. I did enjoy last night in a weird way, was something different for myself. although I couldn't acquire a program which was a little annoying, ah well, Ill be keeping an eye out on future results from now on and hope you stay in the division. Long haired guy and your number 2 need binning alongside Hammill though they were horrendous, Number 2 looked petrified whenever the ball came close to him. Willock added something different when he came onto the pitch was impressed with him not sure as to why he wouldn't start after what I saw last night. The side lacked height I thought and although I couldn't quite work out the formation you were playing it did seem Jackson was lone striker which seems a strange decision. The defending for the first goal was strange too the lad was going nowhere, back to goal and 3 st mirren lads charged him.... bizarre. But yeah my first experience of Scottish football was.. ermm different. Those aeroplanes will take some getting used to, caught me off guard a few times. I would definitely be back again at some point and next time hopefully see a win. The people I spoke to before a during the game were all welcoming and friendly, cracking little club you've got and hopefully be still in the premiership this time next year.
  3. Its never a dull time at the well so I can imagine he's never short of a few stories to tell. And yeah Ross seems to have settled in well at Sunderland, funnily enough he was a lot of Barnsley fans (including myself) fancied choice last season before he turned us down and we ended up with a right dumpling in charge, maybe wed still be a championship club if he'd have come. I was surprised he took the Sunderland job in all fairness it cant be an easy task especially in their current position. Yes I know all about Alan Stubbs, He was down our way for a short period of time at Rotherham, Well a few of my Millers mates had very strong views on him and non of them were pleasant. I didn't mind Jackson when at us he just didn't get enough game time but had pace to burn, be interesting to see how hes getting on too. Thanks for your help, hopefully see some of you next Wednesday and most importantly see you get this overly due win, Up the Saints.
  4. Afternoon Gents, I must confess before I start I'm a Barnsley supporter but I'm going to be spending a bit of time in Scotland over the next few weeks, And I cannot help but notice a few of our former players are plying their trade at your club, So what better to do next Wednesday night than become a St Mirren supporter for the evening ey? This is where im looking for some advice.. Excuse my ignorance but would I have any trouble getting a ticket and what stand would you advise going in, parking etc.. Thanks in advance for that. Regarding the football, what an absolute dime you've signed in Adam Hammill and if I'm totally honest this is why I want to come to a game whilst I'm up here, He'd play with your emotions throughout his time at your club whether that be good or bad, He can be the most frustrating player in the world when he's not on his game don't get me wrong, but when he's in the mood he's a class act and one of the better platers I've seen at Oakwell and I genuinely hope he is for your club too. If you haven't yet id recommend looking at the goals he scored for us at Wembley in fact I think I've watched those two goals 2884626 times and they never get boring. Ermm regarding Cole Kpekawa….. I couldn't believe he's still making a living in football when I looked at your squad, wow he was bad, believe it or not we paid half a million for the guy...……. Onto Stevie Mallen, he was treat very unfairly in my personal opinion when he joined our club, I genuinely hoped he was going to be replacement for Conor Hourihane. His left foot was a wand at times (as you know for yourself) his delivery was exceptional and for whatever reason wasn't fancied by our managers at the time (the two managers he had weren't the best may I add) But from what we saw of him looked a talent, I believe if he was still at the club now he'd be in the starting 11 but is what it is. But yeah if anybody could give me some helpful advise regarding next Wednesday's game it'd be much appreciated, Looking forward to visiting..
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