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  1. Keep up your trolling it is what you excell at and now you are going on ignore(as you have nothing of any import to say , empty vessels and all that) .byeeeeee talk to the booty cause the hauns off duty and the face don't wanna know
  2. he is indeed a stranger to sensible , looks like has had a few trips to , er the sin bin too
  3. oops l must have hit a wee nerve Oh my God you really are the Forum loony talk to the booty cause the hauns off duty and the face don't wanna know
  4. i hear that you have cabinets full of awards for that fae far and wiiiiiiide😀😀😆🤣🤣😅
  5. Hhmmmn, not very scientific , are you and Abre los ojos and talk to the booty because the hands off duty and the face don't wanna know. and now l have followed the lead of so many of my fellow Buddies before me it would seem and gracioulsy stuck you on ignore for ever moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. I like you . I have now looked back at your postings now , you promote yourself as a sort of tin-pot,psuedo-scientist , knows-besty and very assumptive, nice, it is very nice. My advice would be to read more text books instead of postings on here.
  7. Been out everyday . Have managed to get jobs completed every week and now we are booming!!! Still alive Stay in yer hoos , never go ooot , die , sorted
  8. Human rights have tanked under house arrest, lockdown .
  9. You end up wondering if they have a team talk along the lines of " right guys let's get out there and ruff this lot up a bit , let them know we are here and if that means they lose a key player or two , hey that means less chance of us getting the trap door at the end of the season . Dont forget , they are better players than us so , stick the boot in . ."
  10. Hamilton have been using the same tactics for years . Foul like f**k and if you get fouled back , dramatise like f**k and roll around the floor for hours. The sooner they slip down to League 1 , the better for all concerned . Oh , l didn't mention their lack of a fanbase. The sooner refs this side if the border have to announce the team they follow the better Did l see Wily Collomn doing a 4th official role last night or are my eyes needing tested??
  11. Yeah his flair reminded me of Gonchalvez.
  12. Is using more than 1 bullet , not a waste of ammunition.
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