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  1. A few decent posts to my thread title. Generally though, the thread has been trashed by Bazil and Slartibartfast. Tedious and terrible posters
  2. BBC 1 tonight, Question Time from Glasgow
  3. Not really. He was good at waving to the fans
  4. The Forum " fresh start " seems to have failed. The bannings and binnings and even the non bannings and non binnings has killed the Forum . Needing a rethink.
  5. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4883833/amazon-students-discount-code-glitch/
  6. Only shite Managers feck up the Club. Four great Managers have not been St mirren Men. Fergie, Hendrie, Macpherson and Ross. The greatest St Mirren man, Fitzpatrick was a shite Manager, twice.
  7. Maybe the players are fine. Maybe we need a new Manager..
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