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  1. What a horrible non man the Arbroath grass, troll and abuser is. Krankies Therapist has gone and he wasn't shull either. I had a visit yesterday from Div after being grassed by it who loves his likes. Surprisingly, I survived to post another day. I will probably be banned shortly after this post. Div duped by a fecking liar. So, ta ta all. Karma is wonderful and very funny.
  2. You're all missing him already. I shall notify him What a dude he is. Goodbye forever from all of us.
  3. Two points on this page to add to the Likey Table. I will soon be catching Shull since he was banned and banned for no good reason. Grassed with a made up story by an obsessive cry baby who only lives for likes.
  4. I know a lot of aliases of many on the Forum. I was a Mod. Under an alias , obviously.
  5. Couldn't care less, I was just correcting some. I am not Shull either, so I can talk about him anyway I like.
  6. Gman, mibbe not, the other two were definitely you, shull. No need to lie anymore. None of the three above were aliases of Shull. Other aliases were only used when Shull was in the Sin Bin and he wanted to contribute on the Main Forum. When Shull was in the Main Forum,he had absolutely no need of help from aliases. Why is hard for some to understand ?
  7. But if Jaybee had given Shull a handful of likes, then the troll from Arbroath would run to Div, while crying uncontrollably.
  8. Krankies Therapist, GMan and Shetland are not aliases of Shull. That is fact. Some others may well have been aliases. Only used when Shull was in the Sin Bin. No need to lie anymore.
  9. Glad this Thread remains For future reference and hilarity. Watch This Space. Got to go before Topic goes.
  10. The only person to benefit from the banning is the person who grassed. The person obsessed by likes and the only person ever to post about them. All Shetland's posts have been vanished but not Shull's. Very strange as Shetland was supposed to be abusive. Her worst over the weekend was calling the grass an eejit. Shull did not abuse him at all. Whereas, the grass has been trolling and abusing others for months. Oh well, it is all over now. Need to move on. Definitely my last post.
  11. The only relatively dodgy post came on saturday night and it wasn't made by shull or shetland. Whoever grassed to Div have made a false accusation. Mistaken identity.
  12. He was emailed this below. He says there was no abuse yesterday, well not from him. Hi shull, You have been warned by div for a comment made in a topic, Irritating Words, Phrases and Whatever Else. Reason: Abusive Behaviour Content: Irritating Words, Phrases and Whatever Else. Penalty: Given 1 points which will never expire. Restricted from posting - Indefinitely Banned - Indefinitely
  13. Blaw Up Betty has been removed also. Number one troll , abuser and crybaby remains.
  14. Been informed, Shull has been banned for life.
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