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  1. Yeah Frank was my first real footballing hero as a kid, I even told him that, I've met him on many occasions and he always speaks highly of St Mirren, said he loves the club and the fans.. great guy and a superb player..
  2. Was wondering because he never played for Airdrie, it's a testimonial apparently..
  3. Obviously a dig at Erwin which is totally unjustified, I thought he played quite well, no need for shit like that... Anyway good point in horrible conditions, I'm happy with that..
  4. So proud of my team today, everyone of them including the manager were superb, I'll enjoy my beers tonight...Get in there..
  5. No getting away from the fact we were pretty shit today, but it was a definite hand ball that lead too there goal and I don't think any of Cammy's tackles were yellow cards, in saying that we didn't deserve anything today..... Improvement needed quickly, defeat next week and our season could turn too shit again..
  6. Mon Saints let's get tore right intae the fakes right from the first whistle...COYS.
  7. Can't say I've ever heard of him but he's got quite an impressive list of former clubs so I can imagine he's got talent.... Welcome Collin and best of luck...
  8. Brilliant signing, very ambitious and shows the club are serious about trying to break into that top 6... Welcome aboard Eamonn.
  9. Feck me, did we all of a sudden morph into Barcelona or some shit.. what's that 2 defeats in 15 games and your still moaning like feck... Get a grip FFS...
  10. I think you'll struggle to get a ticket from this game mate, your only hope is that the main stand may have been all ticket but the rest ground would have been pay at the gate.. Remember the game well and yous were by far the better team, very surprised we held yous too a goalless draw over in Belgium..
  11. McGrath had a shot saved in the opening 30 seconds.
  12. I don't see why he wouldn't, Sevco play virtually the same system every game and are beginning too look a bit leggy, we've deservedly beaten them once I see no reason why we can't do it again...
  13. Yeah I always had a soft spot for Dundee United in the 80s, loved it that his team gave the old firm a real good run for there money, and they also had some great runs in europe... A sad loss for the whole of scottish football..
  14. Strange how someone could have so much hatred for John Hughes, always thought of him as a really decent guy...maybe its a personal thing..😂 Anyway this is the kind of game we really should be winning if we're serious about a top 6 finish... Hope we get tore right into them from the first minute...Mon Saints..
  15. Pretty poor game but I thought there was nothing much between the team's, a point a piece would have been a fair result..
  16. Mon Saints let's get tore right into this mob from the off...COYS.
  17. Yeah same here I never went in it much, but used too pass it on my way to school every morning ( St Aelreds ), I was the ultimate arcade game freak but that place was mainly full of fruit machine's, the big apple was my regular haunt..
  18. The Caberet I think it was called, it's now a shop that sell bikes, or at least was the last time I noticed..
  19. Anyone else think Junior Morias has done a superb job coming off the bench, today and against Aberdeen in the cup.... Actually looks a decent player imo...
  20. Mon the Buddies let's get tore right into this mob from the off....COYS..
  21. C'mon Saints let's do these coonts, Let's get tore right into them from the first minute..COYS..
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