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  1. I don't see why he wouldn't, Sevco play virtually the same system every game and are beginning too look a bit leggy, we've deservedly beaten them once I see no reason why we can't do it again...
  2. Yeah I always had a soft spot for Dundee United in the 80s, loved it that his team gave the old firm a real good run for there money, and they also had some great runs in europe... A sad loss for the whole of scottish football..
  3. Strange how someone could have so much hatred for John Hughes, always thought of him as a really decent guy...maybe its a personal thing..😂 Anyway this is the kind of game we really should be winning if we're serious about a top 6 finish... Hope we get tore right into them from the first minute...Mon Saints..
  4. Pretty poor game but I thought there was nothing much between the team's, a point a piece would have been a fair result..
  5. Mon Saints let's get tore right into this mob from the off...COYS.
  6. Yeah same here I never went in it much, but used too pass it on my way to school every morning ( St Aelreds ), I was the ultimate arcade game freak but that place was mainly full of fruit machine's, the big apple was my regular haunt..
  7. The Caberet I think it was called, it's now a shop that sell bikes, or at least was the last time I noticed..
  8. Anyone else think Junior Morias has done a superb job coming off the bench, today and against Aberdeen in the cup.... Actually looks a decent player imo...
  9. Mon the Buddies let's get tore right into this mob from the off....COYS..
  10. C'mon Saints let's do these coonts, Let's get tore right into them from the first minute..COYS..
  11. WGAF who the ref is, let's just do these these dirty Zombie f**ks.... Would feckin love it if we can beat these vile cunts...
  12. McGrath had him on his back pocket all afternoon... The lads a class player..
  13. Erwin misses an absolute sitter,he's f**kin useless..
  14. ðŸĪŠ does that include the 2 passes that set up great chances.... The lads been one the best players on the park, the dons commentators are even saying that..
  15. Eh? He's set up 2 real good chances, playing really well.
  16. Really sad if true, the best footballer of all time imo....
  17. Thought we played well enough, Livingston are shit and we more than deserved the 3 points... Well done lads..
  18. If I'm not mistaken he had a pretty good career and looked a decent player at every club he played for except us, the team he actually supported..... Seems to be pretty common, they sign for us then turn too shit....
  19. Seems like they want to go for NFL style tournament, this would wreck the game as we know it, all the money would be drained out of the league set ups, would need too be at least 60 clubs allowed in before them 2 cnuts would get an invite.... Horrid idea, money grabbing bastards the lot of them..
  20. What if those simply shielding test negative? Ryan Christie had 3 negative tests yet still had too sit out today's game, can't see this going ahead.
  21. Top 4 is a certainty this season. There's 5 teams in this league cup section, is that right..😁
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