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  1. I've not posted on this thread before but felt I needed to respond to this clown in the video, if he really is a doctor/surgeon he needs to get his ass back to university because he's talking absolute bollocks....
  2. I came from Ferguslie, as HSS said there was a few families of Mullans from Feegie, but I must admit some of them had a bit of a dodgy reputation, although I do remember a really nice family who lived in Ferguslie park Avenue I remember the old mother was in a wheelchair and they had a son who died after being knocked down on FPA after getting off a bus back in the 60s, maybe its that family your searching for, I know the sister and still see her from time to time, PM me if any of this rings a bell..
  3. Only because they can pack a lot more old firm fans into there ground, and are also based more centrally so would normally attract more away fans than us, we have a bigger home support than Motherwell even though they've been top 6 most years of late...
  4. Nearly 2500 sold now, Superb show of support from our fans in these uncertain times....
  5. Hi SPS, Do you have any info on the tankared?..is it genuine, made in 59, is it limited edition, only given to players/staff that sort of thing, or is it just something the club would sell from the Saints shop in the piazza in the 80s... I'm interested but would like a wee bit more info on the thing first, Cheers bud..
  6. I heard his sister Mary was a bit of a slapper, apparently she went down on a ship load of sailors..
  7. Same here, ordered a full kit for my Grandson around the same time, nothings arrived yet...Hoping it will be here for his birthday in just over a weeks time.
  8. Agreed, they've probably pushed the boat out a bit more than they previously wanted too after the debacle they had with Tait..
  9. I honestly dont think I've ever seen him play, is he any good?? Anyway, all the best Jak...
  10. Is that the Scottish cup quarter final v Raith?...I remember big Peter scoring at the home end that day, for some reason I had it in my mind it was an overhead kick but apparently it was a back header..
  11. I wonder if any of his previous clubs fans ever dubbed him "The Dictator" Oops sorry troops I'll get ma jaiket..😁
  12. I think that accolade belongs to Steaua Bucharest, 1986 European cup.. Best, Vaclav Hladky Worst, Far too many to mention.
  13. It must be a hard thing to pull off having numbers, names and a sponsor on the back of a striped shirt, a plain back makes it so much easier, anyway the pics I've seen from the front I think it looks really smart, best kit we've had in a long time..
  14. I think the red numbers look shit, In fact I dont like red anywhere near our home tops at all, if that collar is a shade of grey, the numbers on the back would look really smart as fcuk if there the same colour....Lovely looking strip..
  15. Yeah the Rosebud was notorious for being full of bampots, no wonder they won so many pool and dart competions, can only imagine a few opposition players thinking 'Pot this black and we win but I'll likely be picking pieces of a pint tumbler out my face for the rest of the night'.... feck it how did I miss that...
  16. That was the old Rosebud/ Tartan Rose, I used to drink in there when I became old enough to get in boozers (late 80s), I take it you noticed the flag at the Sco v WG game on TV last night? I knew a few of the guys who travelled to Mexico..
  17. Not for me I thought he was garbage...... no surprise he hasn't progressed at Blackburn...
  18. 🤣🤣.. Cannae wait for the new Keystore away kit to come out..... Get a grip ya roaster....
  19. 😂 He says hes looking for an excuse to support a winning team then hopes to secure a season ticket for Ibrox, the only team in the premiership thats never won a major trophy....What a Walloper.🤣
  20. 4. Tommy Turner...Ooops🙄 2 and 9 are awfy similar... Gillies Brothers maybe. 5 Ronnie McQuilter..
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