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  1. I remember one summer in the early 80s running around the Love street pitch, my older sister stayed in Mossvale and had a bin bag full of ginger bottles, me and a mate were taking them round to the shop at the corner of Albion street when we noticed a turnstile door lying open, so we jumped in and layed the bag down and had a wee runaround the pitch and a seat in the dugouts, when we got back some cnut had fecked off with the ginger bottles..😪...True story BTW.
  2. Exactly, the sports section are obviously struggling for things to write about,
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52086541 It seems some dafty has been caught running around the stadium with the CCTV..
  4. Bampot eh? With my exhausted wife doing 12hr shifts as a carer, while I'm self isolating from my job in construction, I'd currently put myself in the wank category..😁
  5. I think you would need to be half stupid to be wasting money on a overpriced football strip in these uncertain times....
  6. I mind around the mid 80s when I was about 16 me and a mate got chased down Murray Street from a couple of Celtic fans, we left the game early hoping to avoid them coming out the away end as we were heading home to Feegie but ended up in the middle of thousands of the fcukers, Anyway the further we ran down Murray street the further away from the Celtic fans we got so we decided to slow down and let them catch us up, I'll never forget there faces when they realised they had isolated themselves from the rest of the fans, so us being very hospitable Fegs decided to give them what the wanted and ended up punching fcuk right out them, also remember a couple of older Celtic fans laughing as they walked by us saying well done lads the daft cnuts got what the deserved....😂
  7. At the same time I expect the memberships of Sky Sports and BT will drop like a stone, mines is for the chop..
  8. What a result, Sam Foley was absolutely superb.... Hearts, our bitches since 1877..
  9. Anyone hoping this is close to a sellout will be sadly disappointed, I just picked up my tickets and apparently theres thousands left, Seems like as usual the online ticket website has made a cnut of it again.....
  10. Feck me Ricky am I one of your aliases....I could have wrote that word for word, see ya Wednesday..😁
  11. I'll go the manager..... Right then Ricky you can be my Captain, cos you never shut the fcuk up.. Actually cancel that cos nae cnut listens to you anyway..... you're oot the team....Cheerio..
  12. Remember them well, worn by the best saints team I've ever seen, maybe the best in our history, can you imagine players wearing them now with there yellow, green or pink boots🤮, Got to be black or white
  13. They Red socks look horrendous, no way man.... our colours are black and white only..
  14. That will be the notorious LSD from the 80s, Mostly made up of a bunch of wee fannies and hardly a St Mirren fan amongst them..... Weird looking ghostly face behind the wee ginger dude on the far left...
  15. And cold aswell, I can feel it in my fingers and feel it in my toe's..
  16. Where did JG say the Scottish Cup isn't important? he's absolutely correct saying it's irrelevant when asked just before a big league game, the cup had nothing to do with last nights game,... Every manager from smaller clubs says the leagues there bread and butter while cup runs are just a bonus, it doesn't mean he wont have his team giving it 100% on Saturday because he will, and we'll pump the Dons..
  17. Just home what a superb display in that 2nd half, Obika, Foley, Durmas and McCarthy were magnificent, what a find McCarthy is BTW the lad is class...
  18. Bt wont give a shit about the fan experience. If the pitch is playable and you can kick it from the dix yard line to half way it'll be on. Is that where Alex Rae and Chris Sutton stand?
  19. There's only is about 15 rows of seats, anyway we've all stood in open terraces in the pissing rain many a time, I've gave up a weekend shift in Inverness for this game, so hoping it goes ahead...
  20. Spoke to someone down at the ground there and he said the pitch is looking fine, theres not much flooding anywhere near the stadium so hopefully this is a goer tonight... also I suspect BT will be pulling a few strings to get this on.
  21. A bunch of daft wee fannies, knocking f**k out a couple of wee boys who were lucky if they were about 14....Well that's what I seen anyway.
  22. M-well manager was just on the radio saying he thinks the game will be called off, the pitch is in a bit of a state apparently with more heavy rain forecast...
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