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  1. Did u see Ali in person in Paisley?
  2. 100,000 starve to death every day?? So every ten days a million people die of starvation?
  3. A league game and a cup tie😂😂as a gesture😂😂doesn’t come close to what they would owe if fans wanted refund...different planet these folk are on!
  4. I’ve stopped reading papers or watching any-type of news. Go on internet for daily update for five minutes once a day, corona virus not going run my life...get a grip ffs and get on with it. If u get it deal with it...
  5. Pish, crocodile Dundee pish😂
  6. Ok we can stream it and StRicky can start a thread on it then Baz and friends can join in👍
  7. U got this virus making u brave or u on brave pills🤪🤪🤪🤪
  8. Is he? I’ll ask wee guy along road if his granny’s neighbour brother-in-laws cousin auntie knows him🤪
  9. Free when no football and nothing to report on😂😂
  10. That Babykìller scumbag also referred myself and other decent folk on here as Nazi's so he's not getting any rest from me. Totally unacceptable
  11. I’m 100% positive this was not in SD mind when he commented, u brought this up now give it a fecking rest.
  12. A lot of bullying towards Stuart Dickson on here, people need to give it a rest. Just because you do not agree with Stuart targeting him is uncalled for.
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