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  1. It seems it’s okay for women to perpetrate violence against their partners One of my mates was attacked by his partner on several occasions, including stabbing him with a knife. He filmed her final attack on him and phoned the police. She was arrested, charged and went to court. Despite the film evidence it was found not proven. It’s all just a big laugh if men are on the receiving end of it
  2. It’s carrot juice you need to drink to become the same colour as Donald Trump
  3. If we follow the path of Livingston, Sheffield United Getafe - ditch the passing game and play it long - we too can punch above our weight. Unfortunately, Goodwin will send his team out to play the passing game as per usual And we will lose Booooo!
  4. As I said, you were negative towards the manager, the players and the club. Other forum members have the right to not agree with everything as well! As for Stubbs, it was a mistake in your opinion. The reality is that he had a more successful League Cup campaign than either Jack Ross or Jim Goodwin managed. He was sacked after 4 league games, 1 of which he won and 2 of which were away to Rangers and Hearts In effect, he was sacked on the basis of 1 game - a defeat to Livingston - as they were assumed to be cannon fodder. How wrong was that assumption! That highlights that you are a negative person in the extreme!
  5. Yet you yourself were negative towards the manager, the players and the club at the start of last season and negative towards those who were positive, like myself. The reality is that you’re “positivity” is towards your own point of view and you’re negative towards anyone who disagrees with you.
  6. You had a lot of problems with it at the start of last season as you attacked the manager, the players and the club
  7. Indeed, totally agree. I remember that summer well and I remember many forumsters on here backing the voting of Sevco into the top flight. Scottish football and indeed Scottish society in general, could have been changed for the better that summer had Scottish football not allowed Sevco in at all. It would have signalled the beginning of the end for Celtic too.
  8. Goodwin needs to ditch his hopeless passing game and trust his team to start playing the long ball!
  9. It would have been impossible to keep a liquidated Rangers in the top flight because, by definition, they went into liquidation! Gilmour also didn’t vote to eject Rangers from the top flight. He couldn’t - they went into liquidation. What he did was vote against a new club, Sevco, from joining the top flight. [emoji12]
  10. Results won’t improve until we appoint a manager who knows what he’s doing Our current manager certainly doesn’t
  11. Clyde went downhill because most of their support came from the slum housing in Glasgow which was demolished and they were decanted to the outskirts. Hamilton have always had extremely low crowds, long before they moved out of Hamilton. They got crowds in the hundreds before they moved.
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