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  1. One of the worst effects of this Coronavirus is that a bunch of political idiots are still desperately trying to make political capital out of an impossible situation. 🙄
  2. I would expect tax rises and I do hope that the burden is shared equally across all pay grades. I'm no exponent of governments bailing out failing businesses. In the case of Virgin Atlantic I would normally let them wither on the vine. The taxpayer is already going to be covering 80% of all their staff wages during this period through furlough and they'll be offered the same tax breaks and grants that other companies are being offered. If that's not enough for them then f**k them. However, and this is the one caveat, I was watching Andy Burnham, I think, talking about the importance to the UK of the cargo that is carried by Virgin on their passenger flights. I don't know much about air freight but surely we have to do all we can to keep up food stocks.
  3. I see the restrictions of movement in Wuhan ended with a riot today after 2 months.
  4. Probably quite rightly to be fair. It was just over a year after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the trade unions were stoking up a lot of revolutionary fervour in the City.
  5. Agreed. TPAFKATS has a problem. He tried to make political capital out of this early doors. Despite the fact that he knew the government was following the advice of medical experts and scientists he wanted to blame Johnson for not doing enough and he seems to have a problem backing down from that position - so much so he's now firmly in the camp of hoping more people die. Yesterday evening I had LBC on for 20 minutes or so. The presenter was asking for views on Boris Johnson and Mike Handcock having caught COVID-19. First caller said she hoped Johnson would die from this. The second claimed she called it and said they'd had been complacent in letting press into their press conferences - despite the fact that it's all be handled on video calls all of this week. And the third said while he hoped they didn't die he wanted them to be seriously ill so they can understand the consequences of their policies. I turned the radio off at this point - the presenter seemed somewhat exasperated. There are certainly some weird and nasty people out there.
  6. Erm I hate to point this out to you, but I would think most rational people would be desperate for the death toll to be lower than anticipated. I think you are kind of making Andy's point for him.
  7. Its not in my area. Its across all the old divisions in Scotland. I'm happy to leave it there though. It was you who started this "my chipolata is bigger than you truncheon" nonsense not me!
  8. Well if she thinks the staff at Bilston, Govan and Motherwell are sitting around doing f**k all I suggest she pay them a visit! At the last count 15 family members in various jobs in Police Scotland! I'm not sure quite why you want to make out your wife is sitting with her feet up on the frontline of this to score a point on a football forum but I know you're wrong.
  9. And anyone who knows me knows where I'm getting my information from too. Directly from the frontline.
  10. There is an upsurge in stupids on this forum too. I talk about increased levels of domestic abuse and crime levels in Scotland and you counter that with reports that there's a drop in crime in Durham, Merseyside and Manchester! And to add to that nonsense what the Guardian has failed to report on is that since the start of the virus police forces have been told not to investigate "low level" crime like burglaries. I got my information straight from the front line.
  11. 33 deaths in the whole of Scotland since the first case was confirmed here on the 2nd of March. I checked out my local health authority figures and out of a population of 858,000 there have been 111 confirmed cases in 25 days. Yet a Scottish Police Helicopter spotted four people talking and has issued fines https://www.scotsman.com/health/coronavirus/four-fined-after-scottish-police-capture-group-not-social-distancing-helicopter-camera-2520066?fbclid=IwAR3eN90T4bScwLOeN0sjCh3HpLQJoZixMvN0tcK3Qv1dN6x1D4VbtyMvu9U At Scotmid today I had to stand outside in a queue of 2 because they are doing a one in one out policy thing in the shop. In all the time I've lived in this area I've never seen the shop busy or with queues of more than two at the tills. Yet there were staff in each of the aisles fixing displays and shelves making it impossible to walk anywhere inside this empty store without falling foul of the social distancing rules. And what the f**k is it with a three banana limit at Tesco. Seriously that's got to be the biggest joke of the lot. Scots eating fruit! f**k off! In Scotland we've seen our population panic buying toilet paper at ridiculous levels, and upsurge in domestic violence and crime, and a lock down that has meant that my bosses have today issued me with official government documentation - just in case I get stopped when commuting to work for my shifts. Proud to be Scottish?
  12. Absolutely and the over production of oil in Russia and Saudi has pushed prices down anyway because of a glut in the market. Production won't stop at the refineries either. It costs too much to shut down the plant.
  13. Aye well done the nurses. Hopefully they are washing their hands before dipping into the Heroes tin. 😁 We focus a lot on the nurses, i haven't seen nearly as much mention of ambulance crews, paramedics, prison and police officers. No mention of the hospital porters or cleaners. No mention at all of pharmacy staff and apparently we've got people in our society who are shouting abuse at frontline workers dealing with feeding the nation in shops and supermarkets.
  14. The Coronavirus has certainly had the effect of killing Question Time as a watchable TV programme.
  15. Yours more than anyones. Why are you posting on a football forum? Haven't you got a book all about me to write? I hope your family isn't relying on you to provide for them when you are wasting your days posting shite on here.
  16. The biggest problem with people like you in this instance is that you seem to think that the spread of a virus can be measured and compared within a countries borders. To argue that the UK rate of spread is worse or better than that in Italy, China or Spain and to compare government policy is absurd - especially when in each of those countries the rate of spread is skewed by the fact that most of the cases tend to be around a centralised hot spot which requires completely different consideration to cities, towns and villages 600 miles away. I've pointed this out before. I'm not a scientist or an expert. I'm a big fat, stupid bald pipe fitter whose top qualification was a City and Guilds, but even I know that it's absurd to talk about "Italian figures" when Lombardy is closer to the Spanish border with France, than it is to Palermo. Yet "scientists" continue to do it!
  17. I'd imagine this would be correct. I have knowledge through what happens at a few other Scottish Premiership clubs although admittedly not with St Mirren or Joma. Given the global situation with manufacturing right now I also wouldn't be very surprised if the kits weren't available on time for the start of the new season.
  18. I loved my time in a small village. Obviously it's got it's downsides. Food can be more expensive, public transport can be shite, and in Law Village there was three roads in and out - 2 of them very quickly became dangerous in wintry weather and the third often got blocked and needed the farmers to get us out. Also being one of only two houses with a Catholic in it we used to get visited fairly regularly by a rather persistent priest from Carluke. But the drive down into the valley, the different colours every day, and the ability to sit and not hear any traffic was fantastic. It's great to see you talking about the village in a positive light. What I don't understand is people who talk down the area they bought a house in. Why would you buy a house in a place you don't like? Each one of the houses I have bought have been in places where I could get more house for my money which apparently is the wrong strategy if you want to make money. The current one is still in an estate where there is building going on, it's high enough up that my views won't be blocked. On one side of the house I see the farm and woodland, on the other side I can see Ben Lomond, the Ochils and from my snooker room I can see the top of some of the pillars of the new Forth Bridge. A fantastic place to be stuck in the house even if it is a bit "blowy" outside most of the time. Poor Oaksoft though. It must be horrible being him.
  19. I've not been to McHargs in nearly 30 years. Are their rhubarb tarts still as good as they used to be.
  20. I'm flattered. If it helps your mental health to sit and dream about me all day I'm OK with that - I think.
  21. Having endured his posts I can't wait to read this book he says he's writing. We're long overdue a thriller where the bad guy tries to murder his victims with a tedius amount of made up graphs and charts. 🤔
  22. Ignore the detractors Ricky. Oaksoft talks a good game when he talks about how people in Scotland seethe with jealousy at those who are more successful than them, and yet here he's gone into seething jealous mode all because you describe your area as "leafy" and you've got a gardener. . I've just got in after my night shift and there were two deer in my garden eating plants. I live next to a farm that is going to be converted into woodland and I've become fairly used to seeing sheep wandering around our corner of the estate as the farm fence gets damaged by the various construction vehicles around the place, but this is the first time I've seen deer in the estate. My gardener was round on Monday. Spring has definitely sprung. When I was on shift I was talking to a number of night shift managers at M&S Simply Foods, and at Tesco and they all were all saying that things seemed to have calmed down quite a bit in stores since they started to limit the number of people getting in.
  23. I've watched all six now. Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed it.
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