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  1. I only considered that we'd be presented with two options - allow them two stands, or not. Of course, if other options are available then I will consider them. Some sort of compromise would be ideal - whereby we give them half of the West Stand, too. The issue I have with giving them both stands behind the goals is that they may influence the referee with respect to penalty appeals.
  2. They do, and I'm sure Hibs sell packages like you have suggested. I know that we aren't allowed to charge more for away fans, which is a reasonable stipulation. I will be voting in favour of giving the Old Firm both stands, as I think the notion that we turn away money is ridiculous.
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    It's good for Scottish football in terms of prestige, attracting players and financially. How many players when considering going to ourselves or, say, Northampton Town, would consider that they get to test themselves against the Europa League winners? Or even just play in front of 50,000 & 60,000 crowds?
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    I believe we receive £100K if Rangers qualify for the champions League group stages, i.e. they win the Europa League.
  5. I knew he was going, but has he left already?
  6. It's hardly a mugs game when you are 100% convinced you know the outcome. We don't even need to be relegated given it's currently 6/1 for us to finish in the bottom two (Fakes massive 1/10 favs). FWIW I think our price is plain wrong given 2 of our 4 remaining games are away to our direct opponents and we have dreadful records at both venues. No idea why anyone as convinced as you are is not filling your boots especially since we don't even need to be relegated for you to collect. I wish folks would learn that Elvis's schtick is his absolute pessimism. I, for one, find it humorous. He's part of the furniture here, and even if he was absolutely serious, so what? He's entitled to his opinion, that's what the forum's for. If we all agreed with one another, would there any point in it? Whilst on this subject, we're all fans of the 'Murn, so can we not try to be civil with one another? We're brothers bound by a special bond, a devotion, to our great football club. No matter who you are, that earns you some respect in my opinion - regardless of anything else.
  7. That's a good idea, but you will have folk who, for example, work shifts and who cannot make the previous game. I think we should continue with the current system, but expect our fans to have purchased more than one game before. My neighbour, a Rangers fan, was in the home end for a game! He looked a bit sheepish when I said hello. To be fair to him, he sat on his hands.
  8. Let's see what difference this makes to the attendance and our league position next season, as apparently we will take more points from the Old Firm, now! I reckon we might need to lose a squad player or two, unless those fools who campaigned for it cough up the money lost...I won't hold my breath.
  9. Well if you take your point and reach the logical conclusion, then no two managers should ever be compared because they will have different squads, backroom staff, injury problems, weather, etc. So what you're saying is, even if Robinson's team doesn't win single game this season and we're relegated, he cannot be compared to Jim as there are too many variables. Jim's worst run was 6 points from 11 games (inc. 3 versus Old Firm) = 0.545 points per game (PPG) Robinson's entire record is 3 points from 8 league games = 0.375 (PPG) This is, don't forget, comparing Jim's WORST run with Robinson's entire record. Jim lost 7 games in 25 matches, Robinson has lost 7 games in 8 matches (plus a Scottish Cup defeat). Say what you like, but Robinson's record is objectively worse.
  10. What you are doing is comparing the worst run under Jim Goodwin this season to all of Robinson's results! Yet despite your best efforts, @TopCat still demonstrates that Goodwin's worse run is better than Robinson's form. The latter also had the benefit of knowing what tactics had worked for Goodwin, let us not forget. Three of the matches in Goodwin's 'shocking' run included games against the Old Firm! Yet still we only lost five times in the entirety of the eleven games.
  11. That cannot be true. He's got one goal to his name in the league this season...
  12. Do you think it's a coincidence that as soon as Robinson walks through the door the players 'chucked it'? Surely that's down to the manager?
  13. But he's proved already he's not up to the job. Why let him relegate us when someone else might be able to avoid that?
  14. Is there any chance of sacking Robinson before our must win game next Saturday?
  15. I just had a look, it seems to be eight losses from nine games. Three points from a possible twenty-one, and a cup exit.
  16. Can someone please confirm that Robsinson's record is nine losses from ten games? I hate to see us lose the £150,000 his contract's worth, but I think we have to cut our losses. I was in favour of giving him a chance, but as someone pointed out, if he's playing Curtis Main, he's clearly clueless. ROBINSON OUT, NOW!
  17. That's a new word for me! Golfing terminology, apparently.
  18. Does Scottish fitba really want a part-time club in our top division? @shull - you're not to answer that one, you maddie!
  19. Well, I was supposed to be there, but a combination of illness and work meant i didnae make it. Still, 'mon the Killie!
  20. Apparently the Rugby Park was given a safety certificate for a capacity of ~14,500 at the start of the season. Arbroath have sold around 2,000 tickets in a stand that holds 4,500. I'm estimating 11,500-12,000 overall. 10,000 would be a good ground, given that it's live on the BBC, though.
  21. As it now turns out, I'm as bad as you. I'll be going to the Killie v Arbroath match and missing the Hibs game as I cannae make it!
  22. That truly is incredible from the Arbroath fans.
  23. I'm actually tempted to go to Friday's game. If it wasn't live on the BBC I'd 100% be there. It should be some game.
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