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  1. I'm fascinated by it, to be honest. Obviously I'd rather the least number of people possible die but, like Oaky, other than following the recommended guidance I am powerless to alter the number of fatalities. I'm interested in seeing predictions of how catastrophic this thing is going to be, though.
  2. I have to go in a minute and literally haven't got time to read his post again, but he initially was going to join the queue, so presumably didn't know about the store's special opening hours. But apparently AyrshireSaint was then given the impression, perhaps mistakenly, that the store was opened exclusively for emergency service staff and his wife found her warrant card. If I was a member of staff and someone presented me with a warrant card in such circumstances, I would correct them and invite them to join the queue.
  3. If that's the case surely Morrisons' staff would have said something like "That's a warrant card, not an NHS badge. That proves you work for the police service, not the NHS. Please join the queue with all the other people. Thank you."?
  4. I believe his wife was accompanying him and, by virtue of her warrant card proving she was a WPC, they were entitled to shop as it was open specifically for emergency services at the time.
  5. I don't see football clubs as businesses. Aye, they have operating costs and there's a financial side to it, but share issues and the like don't sit well with me. It's a football club supported by fans, with a history. As I said the 'two clubs' are almost identical - same strips, badge, fans, songs, stadium - to me that's the same club.
  6. They're not really Clydebank, though. It was underhand and immoral what they did, but they're now Airdrieonions again, and I would class them as the same club, albeit with a stain on their history.
  7. I wasn't trying to wind anybody up. I forgot to mention the 'new' club has the same badge and, if memory serves me correctly, wore the same strips as the previous club for their season in Division 2. Aye, they prefixed 'Rangers' with 'The', but this was one of their badges during the 1959-698 period: So it's not even a new name, really...
  8. An interesting article about Italy: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/03/27/world/europe/coronavirus-italy-bergamo.html This is a graph I found on P&B:
  9. I agree with the Advertising Standards Agency. It was the firm that administered the club that went bust. The 'new' club plays in the same stadium as the 'old' one. They have the same fans, colours, culture, they retained some of the 'old' club's players (Lee McCulloch?) and the manager. It was a good wind up, but it's worn thin.
  10. You're obviously free to do whatever you want, it doesn't change the fact that putting it on here was a waste of time and effort. It seems to have sparked a great deal of interest, and got people debating things. That's healthy, in my humble opinion.
  11. I think Churchill used the terms 'liberal' and 'conservative'. Fair enough, though this is the General Nonsense sub-forum.
  12. It wasn't Churchill. Aye, certainly the quote's provenance is uncertain. However Churchill left the Liberal Party for the Tories, so I think he might have said it to justify his political change. It is certainly commonly attributed to him.
  13. That's clearly not a sausage. May I suggest you get your eyes tested?
  14. Aye, then there's the quip about drinking poison. But it's not that one, either.
  15. There is no Old Firm any more. Really?
  16. Thanks for the recommendations. I had given it a miss, as I feel the Holocaust coverage is relentless, compared to similar atrocities, but it is actually pretty good.
  17. I just assumed because of your political views. What was it Churchill said?
  18. I'm not expecting a state pension until 70, if at all. I think you're right though, this will be an excuse to up the age limit quicker. If you're younger than forty I wouldn't expect one at all. Forty to fifty year olds will have to wait until seventy, I'd expect.
  19. How can the SPFL justify such a huge disparity? It's convenient that its the top three clubs, so that it's not blatantly obvious that its designed to ensure the Old Firm's survival.
  20. You've discovered a cure for Coronavirus? What is it?
  21. I had a wee barbecue last night. Just me, the misses, Jack Daniels and a whole lot of food. Anyway, the booze went straight to my head. At 7:59 pm I started shouting "if you hate the f**king Old Firm clap your hands..." and the whole street was out clapping. Even the ones who support Celtic and Rangers. That's respect! I'm the king in my manor.
  22. I agree with all of that, except for you describing the dystopian nightmare as being 'far-right'.
  23. The one thing you really couldn't say of UK is that the government's have over reacted. Well if it turns out to be less deadly than the flu, I think tanking the economy may be a little bit over dramatic.
  24. Is he a wee poodle, or something, then?
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