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  1. Unfortunately, as much as I hope I'm wrong, I think so too. Still going, though...just in case.
  2. It'll be the news of the injuries. If folk are putting serious money on us, I would imagine the bookies would want to shorten the odds, not lengthen them.
  3. Ach, mostly agree with this. I though the first half was terrible, but the second half made up for it - three goals, a missed penalty and a sending off, plus the sweet late victory.
  4. I just like to be precise. Ireland's a geographical term, though I believe the Republic uses the term in its constitution, it refers to the whole of the island of Ireland and I don't think they amended it after the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement. I would say Ireland's not, for the aforementioned reasons, unless you're referring to the whole island. But if you said "the currency of Ireland is the Euro", I would suggest that the statement is incorrect, as Northern Ireland uses sterling.
  5. I usually say "the Republic", but that's only because I have never been fully sure how "Eire" should be pronounced - I have heard it pronounced 'air', 'er-ah' and 'ear-ah'. Recently I discovered that 'Alba' is not pronounced the way I thought it was, either. 😆
  6. Well, I've read from a few different people that things are bad, which worries me. Like most on here, I genuinely care for the club, so reading that something's wrong does evoke some concern in me. However, I know that some folk were steadfastly opposed to Kibble, for reasons unknown, and their opposition bordered on pathological hatred of them. Furthermore, the club appears to be flourishing on the field and attendances are healthy. The club announced we were in a good financial position during the lockdowns, so it's unclear why we would now be in a financially precarious state. I will reserve judgement, but I am hoping these rumours are nothing more than paranoid speculation, or sophisticated trolling.
  7. Can you see: - the abolish the Monarchy t-shirt? - the man hugging a policeman? - the guy in the Stone Island top about to enter the pitch? Great picture. 😆
  8. Tempted to go to this one. I don't like giving the Old Firm my money, but it's closer to me than a home game, and I have a lot of Rangers supporting f(r)iends, as well as 3 season ticket holding neighbours. Plus, if we play like we did on Sunday, then we could get a result.
  9. It's difficult to know whether someone's being sarcastic online, through the medium of the written word. I believe this is being attributed to Hindutva, which is a form of Hindu nationalism that some might describe as being 'right wing'.
  10. They're a good side who have taken points from teams bigger and better than us, at least on paper. Did you get the SMISA email re:hospitality? I replied a bit late, but was wondering when the results of the 'draw' will be made and how we'll be notified, or even if mugs like me will get notified.
  11. And why shouldn't he? In fact I believe he should...
  12. I'm all for maintaining standards, actually. 😉
  13. I'm mostly surprised @antrin hasn't commented on the errant apostrophe in the title...
  14. I've been following them on Twitter, as the MSM doesn't seem to want to cover them, and my understanding is that a Hindu march passed through a 'Muslim area'. Is that not the case? I think a few on here, living in the West of Scotland, might appreciate what's going on. 😆
  15. He doesn't wind me up. I just see it as a pessimistic humour. Put him on your ignore list if he genuinely winds you up!
  16. If we finish top six I will be ecstatic. But if we can maintain this form, third is possible. 🏁
  17. I'm glad you made it. However, are you feeling okay? I am a season ticket holder and a member of SMISA. My team won. 😇 🏁 I was trying to console you, btw, thinking you might have missed a great game.
  18. I 'did an @elvis' too. But to be fair, I don't think anybody saw that coming. They were unbeaten for 364 days in the league; six straight wins, beat Dundee Utd 9-0, Rangers 4-0 and competed with Real Madrid for 60 minutes. Truly an astonishing result.
  19. Painful! However I also predicted we'd get gubbed... This is the time to relish being a Saints fan, and if you were there it probably wouldn't have happened - Butterfly Effect and all that.
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