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  1. My feeling of elation has given way to one of anxiety, due to the possibility of a lockdown.
  2. It is a nothing affair. The guy told a few jokes on Twitter. That's literally what he did, but Rangers fans have found them offensive. I'm annoyed with Needham for offering an apology.
  3. The chances of us drawing Falkirk are very, very slim indeed...
  4. What's the worst draw? Livingston, Ross County or ICT away has got to be in there.
  5. I thought it would be something like that, Shull. With a ground capacity of 876, according to Wikipedia, I imagine we'd play the game at Pittodrie or Cove Rangers' stadium, or else we'd be limited to 250 tickets. For me it's Ayr away. What's the betting we draw Morton/ICT away and end up having to go to Inverness?
  6. It's good to go to both, pal. I love away games more than home ones. Will not go to Tynecastle as they're implementing the vaccine passport, not that they have any choice.
  7. Love this sort of stuff!
  8. What happened to the thread I created about Rittenhouse, Shull? Hmm? Anyway, I said the wee lad was innocent from the beginning and even got banned from the Woke talking shop that is Pie and Bovril, despite being a paid up member ( @div ), for daring to suggest he was innocent! Aye, that's right, took my money but wouldn't even let me suggest Rittenhouse was innocent, and then he was later acquitted by a jury. So justice proved an injustice.
  9. I don't like threads like this - all they do is cause animosity. If you cannot stand someone's posts, just put them on ignore and try to forget about them. This should be a virtual community of Buddies, backing our club during this exciting period in our history. Can we all not stop the petty squabbling and put aside personal grievances? Or at least limit them to a particular sub-forum?
  10. Funnily enough I know a couple of Coleraine supporters.
  11. The Old Firm, Hearts or Hibs?! I mean, if we're going to win it we need to beat these kind of clubs, but personally I fancy an away day at a local ground we don't usually visit. Worst of all is a tough tie to a less prestigious Premiership side. Imagine drawing Livingstone or Ross County...and then going out after an insipid performance, like the recent one against Dundee.
  12. I agree. It'd be amazing except for the fact the away end at Cappielow doesn't have a roof. Can you imagine a wet, cold January day?
  13. I forgot Ayr, actually! That's a good shout, Shull. I wouldn't fancy Kilmarnock, as they're playing well and full of confidence and it'd essentially be like playing a Premiership side. Plus we have played them so many times during the last few seasons, so there would be no novelty aspect.
  14. With the draw being done two weeks today, who would you want? Obviously until the third round ties are played it's uncertain who will be in the hat, however I would like the following away from home (ranked in order of preference): 1. Greenock Morton 2. Partick Thistle 3. Queen's Park 4. Airdrieonians 5. Albion Rovers 6. Clyde 7. Stirling Albion 8. Falkirk Away games are more fun & we make more noise. Plus we get half the gate money. 🙂 For obvious reasons I would be looking to avoid any Premiership side, Inverness CT or Peterhead. @faraway saint will presumably be hoping we're drawn away to Arbroath. I'm guessing @shull would fancy some obscure club like Gala Fairydean Rovers.
  15. That's fair enough. It's annoying that we don't get to vote on a second or third kit, though.
  16. Jim Goddwin's managerial longevity with Saint Mirren is no thanks to many of the posters on here, who've called for his head on numerous occasions...
  17. Thanks, that makes sense, and means I was partially correct, then. 😊 The players are introduced over the tanoy system. Not sure what 'NFL style introductions' are, but anything American tends to be off-putting.
  18. Maybe it comes down to production costs, or something like that? For example, the club will earn x% profit, and perhaps it's so much cheaper to produce the kits with a plain back, it's simply not considered worthwhile entertaining the alternative? With names and squad numbers, perhaps it's felt too cluttered? The names, sponsors and squad numbers will themselves be a contrast. I appreciate some on here will hark back to simpler times before names and sponsors were a reality.
  19. Am I missing something? Socks aside strips 1 & 3 are identical, aren't they?
  20. Has anyone been watching this? I have been rooting for the wee lad since I saw the footage captured on the day the incidents took place. Aye, the notion that a 17 year old would go out with an assault rifle to defend property is a bit strange and one could possibly describe him as a 'vigilante', but when the police don't do their job then society depends upon vigilantes to do it for them. From what I have seen the shootings were justified and I think a jury has to acquit him.
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