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  1. this thread has gained relevance and aged well!! 😊
  2. well, I'm resurrecting it again 5 years later. Was looking up this game.....as I went to see the Kinks in Barrowlands that same night. And boom, there was John Peacock....14 games for St Mirren first team.....clearly no duffer. http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1992&GameID=199303270
  3. see if that Naismith scores....he should have been off 25 minutes ago,
  4. did the radio commentator just say that we have only won 1 of our last 11 matches in all competitions? That's not right. Must have said Hearts.
  5. yassss!!! Missed the goal, I was out at the cows without radio,
  6. got to score some of these chances. We cant keep missing them or we know what is going to happen.
  7. Not much action on the pitch, or on here. Even Stephen Thompson sounds very subdued on the radio. COME ON tae fcuk. Obika static for excellent crosss....Thommo and McCann not impressed.
  8. It's time we produced a stirring, strong performance with a convincing win at the end of it. It really is. Come on, this is the night...get us above Ross County and clear of Hearts. Just for once Saints......do it.
  9. I think we should just be rooting for Motherwell and Kilmarnock today....and Rangers tomorrow. Write this one off. But......would take a last minute equaliser....of course.
  10. Not impressed but ever optimistic for a better second half and a couple of St Mirren goals. What's the story with the muddy initials just inside our half?
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