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  1. Quaner was a mistake today. Erahon did very little. We needed a good luck bounce of the ball right at the end and could have got it. St Johnstone were better. Compare Wotherspoon with Erahon.
  2. I missed all this last night, not the game though. I've read through it all....fabulous stuff. Heart pounding hard and fast at the penalties. Does McGrath put some mesmerising hypnotic hex on the goalies with his pens?! 😅 Yep, we can win this cup. Nobody has mentioned this yet.
  3. I'm still scarred from October 85 and a couple of semi finals a few years earlier! But....it seems all will be well tonight!
  4. any of us St Mirren supporters of a certain age, and maybe every age, knows exactly where this season is heading.🥺 ☹️
  5. What is all the crap between my quoted post and now? What's happening with McGrath? Can Flynn and/or McAllister step straight in?
  6. who is big Quaner? Will Flynn not step in to McGrath's place and be, at least, as effective?
  7. fabulous St Mirren, absolutely fabulous. I have to go back out and do some cow shed work in the dark but I am floating and buzzing, it is a joy with my wee radio on.
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