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  1. Good day for us, not often things fall us like they did today. More of the same and more goals please.
  2. I've come late to this. Watching but dont know if I will watch much more. Maybe someone mentioned this earlier..what on earth is going on with the strips? if this is not a colour clash, especially in these modern days, I dont know what is, Morton have a yellow strip dont they?
  3. I find myself hardly being able to connect with or relate to that named St Mirren team.....who's playing for us? who?? I'm looking forward to the whole evening though... on here and on Radio Scotland....and any free streams anyone wants to send my way. But....FFS. We need a proper, old fashioned, strong 3-0 win.
  4. Talk on Radio Scotland last night of imposing 3-0 defeats on us. There is no way on earth that would happen to Rangers or Celtic no matter what the, supposed, breach of Covid protocol was. It cant happen here.
  5. Kyle McAllister will now have to step up and show us what a good player he is. Good luck to Kyle Magennis. End of story.
  6. These mind numbing, soul destroying run of defeats, that only we seem to have, are truly awful....we should be able to battle out draws in some of them...or a scrappy 1-0 win. It is not a new thing though....I have kept a well detailed diary for nearly 40 years and have cause to look back on them on a regular basis.......many many Saturdays I am moaning to myself about awful St Mirren defeats or run of.....it comes with the territory. We have done pretty well over the years though with more success than most clubs of our level. We are due a Motherwell/St Johnstone run of league success mind you. But, I also feel we had to take the money for Magennis to help ensure survival as full time club. Where else is the income coming from? If we have to play reserves,youths, ven amateurs this season then that is what we have to do. It is looking increasingly possible that the season wont finish anyway.....the whole thing could be declared null and void. Kilmarnock this weekend....how many games are they going to have to catch up on? it could happen to any other, or all other, clubs making it impossible to get fixtures fulfilled. Och, I am scunnered with it all!
  7. how much are we getting for Magennis? I have missed much of the chat on this. I do think we need the money to ensure long term survival as full time club.
  8. It is all so very disheartening. But, I have cause to look at my diaries from 25, 20 and 10 years ago every week. In all of those years I am moaning hard to myself how awful and disheartening it is losing every week.....and we have had lots of good time since. And will have again. But, right now I am heading for my black bound, A4, Collins 2020 to moan like f**king f**k.
  9. show us them please Herman. might cheer me up a bit!
  10. we have to, somehow, get away from these mind numbing, soul destroying long runs of defeats. It is actually depressing. Dont think anything good is going to happen today. And why the f**k are we again wearing change strip at home? get that tae actual fcuk.
  11. Hearts didn't try hard enough the previous Saturday when they only beat Clydebank 1-0...or a few months previously when we beat them 6-2 at Love St. Celtic would have beatn Hearts or Rangers or any other Scottish team 5-0 that day.
  12. I'll be there! Soon have all my cattle away and I will be a semi retired fermer......so, should be easier to get on Paisley/St Mirren/HSS jaunts.
  13. amazing how things turned around for him that season.....from that awful night to raising the cup 7 months later. dying to get a trip to Paisley HSS, not sure it is going to happen soon though,
  14. wonder why Aber only got 28 starts! 😎he was such a huge player for us and Captain much of the season? Yes, hard luck on Godfrey and Chalmers......but, the cup dont lie.
  15. this thread has gained relevance and aged well!! 😊
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