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  1. c/mon tae fcuk. A win gets us 8th. Extra prize money to persuade Gogic to stay.
  2. 34 years ago, on 30th April we were on a much worse run. Relegation staring us in the face. Alex Smith had been sacked, Fitzpatrick and McGarvey in charge for trip to Tynecastle.......weather just like today. Paul Chalmers scored late on for us to win 1-0. I had organised a friendly match for my team, Southend, that day in Campbeltown V Guy's Bar, Hamilton. Beat them 5-1 I think but I couldn't get off the pitch quick enough to listen to the closing stages of our game.... It all came good in the end!
  3. lets get to full time at 0-0. Stroke of luck/good fortune....anything.
  4. so disappointing and deflating. But, if we had got the last minute goal we would be jumping about.
  5. Well done us. A bonus point. The same on Sunday and we are good to go after the winter break.
  6. ANy further progress on the coconut dug joke? Has it improved any? Still doesn't work quite right in my accent.
  7. This one is gone I am afraid. No goal difference damage. Get them out of Paisley. And go for Motherwell on Wednesday night.
  8. come on tae fcuk. We cant let that mob beat us again in this competition.
  9. I know it wouldn't have reached the players, probably! but the over confidence of most of the 'Tartan Army' and many of the pundits on TV and radio was staggering..... writing Croatia off as over the hill duffers, well past their best. My goodness they even had well known football expert Val McDermitt on last night before the game telling us Croatia peaked 3 years ago and that their players were in the "winter of their career" Modric? who's Modric? ah yes, that oul' fla. The manager could have shuffled the pack, altered formartion, man marked Modric but the outcome would have been the same. Well, unless we had got that f**king bit of luck and bounce of the ball we have NEVER had in the finals we have reached. Never once.....unlike Wales, Norn Irn ad Rep of Ireland. It was like instant replay dejavous all over again.
  10. goal for Ross County....smashing. We'll take the final whistles right now.
  11. Quaner was a mistake today. Erahon did very little. We needed a good luck bounce of the ball right at the end and could have got it. St Johnstone were better. Compare Wotherspoon with Erahon.
  12. that was the difference right there....quality finish.
  13. I missed all this last night, not the game though. I've read through it all....fabulous stuff. Heart pounding hard and fast at the penalties. Does McGrath put some mesmerising hypnotic hex on the goalies with his pens?! 😅 Yep, we can win this cup. Nobody has mentioned this yet.
  14. I'm still scarred from October 85 and a couple of semi finals a few years earlier! But....it seems all will be well tonight!
  15. any of us St Mirren supporters of a certain age, and maybe every age, knows exactly where this season is heading.🥺 ☹️
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