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  1. I thought God didn't like your kind... Nah, only joking. God loves gays, if he didn't he'd have invented some sort of horrible, incurable disease to kill youse all.
  2. They're never actually Working Class, these cunts. Almost always middle class students or teachers. But aye, they certainly got Boris telt. If I was Boris I'd privatise the NHS just to get it up cunts like these.
  3. I have a 16 inch cock, pal. That's why they call me the c**t destroyer...
  4. If I was Boris I'd have Cummings executed to appease the public's fury. Broadcast it live as a pay per view event. They could sell raffle tickets with the lucky prize winner getting to pull the lever. It'd raise loads of money for the NHS as well as the public's morale. Is there a comical way of executing someone? He could be guillotined and his decapitated head could start a Heath Robinson contraption, or something.
  5. Nor me pal, well at least not far St. Mirren! 😆
  6. He's trying to be a superfan. Div should ban him for being a superfanny, and causing trouble on the forum.
  7. Get them to f**k, robbing bastards.
  8. You're celebrating because 160 people died? You obnoxious wee c**t.
  9. I wish W6er was like Mother Teresa, i.e. dead. 😐 Nope. It's W6er who is the Superfanny. You, Shull, are a credit to this forum. Rules?! W6er [6 = ank]
  10. That's clearly racist.
  11. Supercilious shitcunt, too.
  12. That's very interesting, actually. Are the figures female/male or male/female? How amazing it would be if 99.99% of blokes got killed, and left me with millions of horny chicks. I have to beat them off with a shitty stick as it is, but it would be like the Lynx advert....phwoar!
  13. Selling season tickets when there might not be a season. That's FRAUD. They should be horsewhipped in the town square.
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