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  1. No worries. I just thought it would get everyones grey matter working having to remember back all those memorable and possibly not so memorable players. I couldn't find anything on Google when I looked
  2. Lots of free time on my hands like many others. While having a clear out I found a signed shirt I was given around ten years ago. I think it came from the retired players that played in the Sky Sports Masters football for us in 2011. Can any of you name the players?
  3. Here is a poser for anyone who has a lot more free time on their hands suddenly. Can you name these players from their autographs. To narrow it down. This is from a signed shirt I got at the 2011 Sky Sports Masters over 35 football. I used to love that when Sky had that on, not sure why it stopped. Can you remember who played for us back in 2011 though?
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