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  1. This is all tinkering at the edges. All non OF clubs need to leave and start a new league without the OF In the meantime, not only should we ban OF from St Mirren Park, all supporters should boycott these games and ensure the games are played in an empty stadium. Fans of other clubs will follow and we can force our clubs to ditch the OF As long as everyone keeps bending over and taking it up the arse from the OF, we have no-one to blame but ourselves
  2. But you were replying to his post which did mention seating. You ain’t very bright
  3. It’s sometimes the way strikers play that dictates how the team attempts to create chances If Brophy is choosing to go deep then those around him have no option but to play it to him deep If the striker had pace who played on the shoulder then maybe those around him would look to play it beyond the defence And if you had a target man then you could go that route as well Fact is, we just don’t really have any pacey forwards who play on the shoulder so we lacked options Maybe this new boy from Morecambe will give us pace and this in turn may create chances for Brophy in the box
  4. I note that his Wikipedia page describes him as “Dire Scottish footballer” a bit unfair he does appear to have gone backwards since he left though In agreement with @rabuddies that he’d probably be better in central defence
  5. Looks like Auyunga was playing regularly until Robinson left. So Robinson rated him but the new manager didn’t. And looks like it’s Dylan Connolly who has been keeping him out the side. Interesting comments re the number of goals Auyunga has scored despite playing wide. Mo Salah plays wide. Mane has been a wide player during most of his time at Liverpool. Mahrez is a wide player! Anyway, 6 goals in 20 starts for a side fighting relegation is actually not too bad. It’s a league with some clubs that dwarf most of the Scottish top flight. 17 goals a couple of seasons ago says he’s got some potential. If he’d had 6 good seasons out of 6 - like the faraway fool wants - then he wouldn’t be joining St Mirren!
  6. Where is Scotland on that list ?
  7. *more deaths* in Scotland than *any* country in Europe during the Nicola kept us safe
  8. Let me reiterate Per population more people died in Scotland than anywhere else in Europe during the pandemic well done Nicola
  9. During the pandemic, Scotland had more restrictions and more deaths than any other nation in Europe
  10. More restrictions, more deaths Scotland v Scandanavia your “ethical stance”, their deaths @bazil85
  11. Understand that the population of Sweden is not evenly spread out over the whole geography of the country
  12. California had more deaths than Florida Belgium had more deaths than Sweden Your “ethical stance” has resulted in millions of deaths worldwide Your “ethical stance”, their deaths
  13. I’ve not been posting for a while. Is this a new tit or an alias of an existing tit?
  14. Strange statement to make. The sort one makes when ones mind is made up about someone without knowing anything whatsoever about the evidence they have examined.
  15. 6 million dead, so 2 years of restrictions were pointless your virtue, their deaths
  16. St Mirren are also in the bottom half of the table and that was good enough for Aberdeen.
  17. It’s all picked up since we ditched 3 at the back. If only we’d done it earlier. Indeed, if only we’d done it last season we could have 2 trophies in the boardroom just now. At least JG finally woke up to his own self sabotaging
  18. Haven’t you get better things to do over in the heat than haunting this forum ya tit? 🤪
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