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  1. Saints ‘win’ on penalties
  2. I’ve taken the definite decision, to record it and not watch it till later on ( got a job to do at 8pm ) Praying for a win , but have usual doubt as we specialise in glorious failure [emoji2] Serbia 3-1 Scotland Scotland to score first within 10 minutes Serbia to equalise via needless penalty before 30 minutes Serbia to score via header from corner just before halftime Nail in coffin after penalty appeal for Scotland denied Serbia to score by 70 minutes and see the game out Clarke ? ..... well, time will tell Thankful I’m pish at predictions [emoji2]
  3. Anyone care to give a score prediction ?
  4. Sevco 2012 7 - 0 Accies 25 minutes left
  5. Not sure if I should look forward to this game in nervous but expectant anticipation or prepare for the usual ? Let’s see how many more withdrawals we get after today’s fixtures.
  6. Motivational. - We win as one, We lose as one.Teamwork. Desire, determination, outweighed desperation Brilliant With references the pictures above
  7. Almost 2-2 there Leeds 1-2 Leicester .... for now
  8. I’m going for an emphatic St Mirren 4 covid cases v 1 Covid case United Game off [emoji2] If it were to go ahead ? Saints 4-1 United
  9. We all loved a scramble back in the day. I think it’s St Colombus in Foxbar which was visible from Findhorn Avenue? ( might be wrong as I was about Orchy Crescent ) We piled across the park / Brediland Rd , up the hill onto Ivanhoe Rd ? Waited patiently, dived in & headed to the shop forthwith [emoji23] Do Scrambles still happen ?
  10. It’s easy for people to ‘call the shots’ when they’re not the ones writing the cheques. Meal provision isn’t a thing during the holidays Do people really expect the government to pick up the tab for absolutely everything ? 100% wages , feed kids at school and home etc ? Some people should consider cutting back on alcohol, cigarettes, sky tv packages and make some personal adjustments to tighten their belts and perhaps we can then direct additional much needed help to those most in need. We cannot simply cover this with a blanket approach.
  11. Fans are missing a treat this season, however, are we seeing games like these as less pressure from the crowds on mistakes ?
  12. A ‘standing order’ [emoji23]
  13. Looking forward to Leeds again dominating and winning [emoji4] I was very surprised Leeds lost to Wolves unlike them to lose , unlucky against Liverpool, should have beaten Man City also instead of the draw. One of the top football playing teams in England in the last 2 years , very dominant, a treat to watch
  14. I had to make an excuse to get out of work at Gateway behind Harvey’s to get to this ‘H’ game ffs !! it’s unnecessary for people to refer to it [emoji2]
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