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  1. A ‘standing order’ [emoji23]
  2. Looking forward to Leeds again dominating and winning [emoji4] I was very surprised Leeds lost to Wolves unlike them to lose , unlucky against Liverpool, should have beaten Man City also instead of the draw. One of the top football playing teams in England in the last 2 years , very dominant, a treat to watch
  3. I had to make an excuse to get out of work at Gateway behind Harvey’s to get to this ‘H’ game ffs !! it’s unnecessary for people to refer to it [emoji2]
  4. Is it acceptable to use the ‘H’ word ? It’s still a sore subject [emoji23]
  5. Scotland are abysmal even with everyone fit sadly Like watching Saints
  6. Leeds 1-1 Man City F/T Leeds currently 55% possession Always dominate games How Leeds didn’t win is astounding How many teams dominate Liverpool or Man City ? Leeds again more possession ( normal for them ) restricted City to 2 shots on target compared to Leeds 7 Leeds more passes , 53% - 47% Great game again
  7. That was me , reminding people we beat a team trying to get rid of their manager
  8. Yes. However, 1 Celtic player sneaks abroad - cancelled ( as precaution no test involved ) Aberdeen players head to pub - cancelled Kilmarnock have a squad vast majority tested clear - cancelled
  9. Lose Aberdeen Beat Motherwell Beat Hamilton Draw United Draw Livingston
  10. Aberdeen 3-1 Saints It’s on BBC ALBA 10pm Friday night
  11. Ooft, just switched it on. 1-4 lovely fourth goal Leeds will tear City apart I think
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