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  1. Teething issues are what you’d expect at a Dentist. This is a £12.50 a pop service - badly communicated, poor audio/picture & multiple log in issues, so much so they had to reset it all. This service is not like paying in to watch a game where we know we might win/lose or draw. When they advertise it , it doesn’t say ‘it may or may not work but it’s still £12.50’ Shall we keep making excuses for the club & their providers ?
  2. Looking at the ‘explosion’ from various angles, it almost replicated what you would see on a nuclear explosion by its characteristics ( obviously not nuclear though ) but that was an almighty ‘explosion’
  3. That’s fair enough, my view on that one game remains however. I don’t think we will lose both of our next 2 games Sevco/Celtic but it will be more down to our performances than theirs.
  4. You haven’t seen players ‘down tools’ for the manager ? It’s happened even in the top league in England
  5. Several angles to watch available & I’ve certainly never watched an explosion of that nature.
  6. I did enjoy it. It was also an important result. It’s also my belief we played a team wanting shot of their manager.
  7. Except we were playing a team wanting rid of their manager. That was an important win obviously, but only came about because the Celtic team chose that opportunity to get Mowbray out the door.
  8. I just put in a request to Lucifer for a euro millions win tonight ( in return for my soul ) oddly enough, at that point, a light fell off in my kitchen [emoji23] join illuminati and free your self [emoji2]
  9. Not remotely sorry about him leaving. Grateful for his efforts, won’t be missed by me.
  10. The burning question for many has now changed due to the fact that you ‘dropped a tissue on the laptop’ [emoji23]
  11. Cheers I was at the game HSS mentioned after your post where he scored a hat trick Ooft seen this team ?
  12. I remember him. Didn’t he come on in a game a Love Street and score a hat trick ? I think we got him from Partick Thistle
  13. At least you got me sussed , one out of two isn’t bad [emoji2]
  14. It’s always baffling as to why you end up in here. You clearly have banter & contribute to all threads reasonably. The place is honestly better without Fricky however [emoji2]
  15. So , after eventually getting it to play, overall we got around 27!minutes for the £12.50 fkn shocking !!! Poor feed , non existent commentary, locked out , buffering. Not value for money No excuses ‘oh it’s a new service’ bollocks.
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