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  1. Meant to say, I’d no idea the player had been in prison. He was, however not good enough for Aberdeen.
  2. The manager has already proved to be hopeless, no need to wait six months.
  3. Seems to be a gap between 2016 and 2017, whilst at Livi. Another Aberdeen cast off. Probably another underwhelming signing by a manager who shouldn’t be there.
  4. I notice now that Clarke has began to react very poorly in interviews. Strachan-esque in his demeanour and with similar insolence when asked a question. Having been given a contract extension in the middle of a bad run of games, it has been mooted that dismissing him would be too expensive to consider. Even ignoring the fact that most international managers usually fall on their swords after failure to qualify for tournaments, are we then to accept Clarke’s failure as being with no consequences ? Seems like the old “I take full responsibility for the results etc”, whilst continuing in his post. Now where have I heard that excuse recently ? Mmmm.
  5. I rather accidentally stumbled upon the documentary last night on bbc. It was shocking to see and hear the conditions of those ex soldiers taking part. Wheat I remember about those days was the feeling of shame that a right wing government (just as we have now) was able to win an election based purely on a war. Not proud in any way of this country and those previously and currently “running things” . Shameful.
  6. As it has now become the norm in this country that resignation is off the agenda, at least in football it’s possible to dismiss the person responsible. In which case, Clarke should be dispatched post haste. Quite a few in that team tonight ought never to be selected again. It’s not their fault though, that they are not up to the task, that lies with the person who selected them. Unfortunately that was the first whole match I have seen in ages and Scotland are worse than I had suspected. Literally, the international equivalent of Saints. Absolutely nothing up front and lacking fight.
  7. Great to see STV showing the wales game live.
  8. Long overdue to be rid of that dreadful bunch of scroungers. Have seen absolutely no evidence of support anywhere around here, totally disgusted at the fawning sycophancy on our tv screens, they are completely out of touch with reality. If there are any monarchists out there, are you wondering why all the “ celebrations” are being held 400 miles away ?
  9. Has Stubbs returned as manager .? Knew this would be the signing pattern with Robinson, we ought to have relieved him of his position before the seasons end.
  10. Obviously you, hence why you answered. Grow up.
  11. Both BBC and STV news bulletins have been giving extensive coverage of the fans arriving in Seville and interviewing ex players and their own sports reporters. Pity they didn’t bother to mention that NEITHER of them will be showing the match or even highlights. What utter hypocrisy. Billed as Scottish footballs biggest match in years and absolutely no coverage.
  12. Thankfully a dreadful season is at an end, one bereft of goals which is criminal. Genuinely only saw one good performance at home, the first win against Aberdeen, apart from that very little to enthuse about. Have very grave doubts about the manager and whom he will sign. I have a suspicion it will be English low league rejects, same as Stubbs. Might be wrong but I think he is very lucky to still be in a job after his awful start. I will get my season ticket as usual and like others, will have to hope for vast improvement next season. Fingers crossed.
  13. Best player was Gogic, who will be leaving. That game was hopeless, sums up the new manager. Hopeless.
  14. The guy is a trier, no doubt about that, but is too lightweight and is brushed off like a fly. Sorry but won’t be able to flourish at this level of football. Might be proved wrong but don’t see it.
  15. Just saw the extensive two minutes coverage. Robinson said the win was coming. Lol, deluded.
  16. Sorry, was bound to win a game sometime. No stay of execution. Just as an aside, why Xmes ? What about Paisley Fair, Guy Fawkes or Halloween . . Preferably now, in my opinion.
  17. In normal times and with a decent team , given our record against this team, I would predict a defeat. With this current team and manager, a defeat looks a certainty . No fight, nothing up front( as it has been for ages), and a creaky defence, I think it’s the play-offs for us. Miserable waste of a season, barely any wins or goals or entertainment. Rubbish. New manager urgently required.
  18. Thought for a minute he had been despatched. Pity.
  19. I admire your upbeat spirit and support for the team, however I believe Robinson was given the job NOT on the basis of luck. Heaven knows on what basis that was but he is doing a dreadful job and the team is conceding goals by the barrow load. Theoretically St Johnstone should be in a terrible way after their mauling yesterday but they must be heartened by our current form and useless manager. Add in that they have traditionally had the Indian sign over us and I bet they won’t give up the fight(unlike that team today) easily.
  20. Phew ! That’s ok then. I thought we were in trouble for a minute there.
  21. It’s probably out with his reach to take us straight down, as Dundee are pretty far behind, but the play offs look nailed on at the moment. Assuming the board are too scared or embarrassed to admit Robinson was a catastrophic appointment, he is likely to be allowed to continue to the seasons end. I’ve already made my mind up a few weeks ago that he should be dismissed, but today’s performance, which could and should have been an even heavier defeat, ought to convince even the happiest of clappers.
  22. Sorry but although I wasn’t at Tynecastle I saw the whole game on tv. The minute the third goal went in, we chucked it. That’s what I call letting everyone down. We will lose again on Sunday and could end up in 11th place easily. Get rid of not only the manager, but whoever had the say in appointing him.
  23. The real blame must really lie with whoever sanctioned the appointment of Robinson. The manager should be chased, but the person who hired him should also be hunted. It was madness to go after someone with such a poor recent record. If Robinson is allowed to continue and we miraculously stay up, my betting is he will try and recruit from English lower and non league. That’s been tried before and it won’t work. We will lose our next match and go into five games against relegation rivals. I fear for us against any team with a bit of fight, as we have none.
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