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  1. After what is generally considered two of the worst performances in recent times, the Scotland manager has picked the same players, more or less, thereby confirming that he was quite happy with the standard of incompetence. Bet he is glad he has moved to England again and therefore out of the firing line.
  2. My sincere apologies to Sir Isaac Newton above. Does the esteemed mathematician , who no doubt can use his fingers, countenance anything other than a defeat on Friday?
  3. Seven defeats on the bounce might be approaching a record .? Worst forward line in my lifetime.
  4. Without seeing any of the action recently, I think many on here could have predicted we would be bottom of the league (myself included) very soon. I see no prospect of a win any time soon either. Let’s face it, we are out of our depth in this league yet again. Sad days.
  5. A miss shaped creature who may have competed in sport of some kind previously, but certainly not football. Should be shown the door , albeit nine months too late.
  6. Just outside my house. Sun out, live radio commentary, usual defeat on course.
  7. Perfect conditions for football today. A win is long overdue if we are to avoid going bottom of the league. Hope there is some kind of radio coverage to listen in the garden. I’ll go for Killie 2-0, but hope im
  8. Looks like we are on schedule to be bottom of the league after our next two games, which is what I could see coming a few weeks ago. I just don’t see any team we could beat at present, and once we go behind, the game is more or less lost from then on. Of course when you have forwards that can’t score ,this is the inevitability. I’m listening to Motherwell being three goals up away at Aberdeen, can you ever imagine us doing that ? Thank heavens we don’t have to watch this rubbish in the flesh.
  9. Perhaps read the comment again. I said IF we lose on Saturday, that would be one point from 15 which In my opinion is rather grim. However that’s just my viewpoint, no need to agree.
  10. Radio coverage only. Yet another defeat albeit by a lower margin than expected, which is no consolation however. Should we lose again on Saturday, things are looking grim. May watch highlights later.
  11. Highlights later on being shown on the Horror Channel.
  12. Very laudable sentiments. Statistically we are due a win, however that would take some effort and a bit of belief. We possess none of that , so Celtic to win easily. 0-4 I imagine.
  13. No pelters from me. I’ve said all along that Obika is woefully short of the standard required. Easy to push off the ball , slow and not aggressive enough. With any luck, will disappear from the scene unless in emergency. Not been able to see the two new lads but an improvement on the current lot would be welcome. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch either the highlights or the full game on Alba, such is my disenchantment with the team at present. Will give the next two defeats a miss as well , I think.
  14. 3 goals in 6 games, same as last year. NOTHING up front. Not going to watch bbc Alba as I couldn’t spoil my evening. Was the performance as bad as it sounded on radio ? Quite honestly, it’s like watching the Scotland team.
  15. Yes. It’s one of our “free hits” games , so we can afford to lose heavily without trying a leg. We have honed that kind of performance to perfection over the years.
  16. I’d like to know how Obika is faring today. Meant to be our centre forward but does nothing. My prediction of half a dozen goals conceded and none scored by Tuesday seems a best case scenario at this point. Pathetic showing yet again by Saints.
  17. Looks like Saints are confident as they are without 3 keepers , so must be intent on attacking Hibs tomorrow. Sadly I don’t share the optimism and foresee the loss of at least half a dozen goals by Tuesday night. Other teams would have been able to cancel in such circumstances.
  18. The fact that a forward has been signed says it all about the current lot who are pretty useless. Here’s hoping the new guy does well, although it won’t take much to improve on the current set up.
  19. I should imagine that despite Johnson’s threats of increased police powers , fines and Covid marshals ( bouncers) , the people of England are more than likely to ignore his pontifications as the horse has already bolted since the real prime ministers “eyesight “ test.
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