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  1. On current form, it will be three games and return home.
  2. Won’t bother watching the highlights, just saw the result.
  3. Very lucky to get the draw in the end, but happy with that. Impressed by Jamieson who put in a few great crosses and took his goal well. Need to improve though before going to Dens.
  4. Only listening, but Celtic an embarrassment as Scottish champions. Cannot deny a bit of schadenfreude mind. 😁
  5. Supported Saints all my life, so know about disappointment and have never even mentioned champions league so don’t know where you got that from. Also, those three countries have always been much larger but it previously didn't stop us administering Englands biggest ever home defeat, Spain, as current European champions,a 2-6 home defeat or thrashing France on a few occasions. I know things are different nowadays but my main point was the lack of any ,even vague, criticism after the latest defeat. By all means luxuriate in the qualification, it was a good job well done. Clarke is a vast improvement on previous recent managers, no doubt about it. So is Robinson. 👍
  6. The heavy defeat didn’t seem to bother either the pundits on radio or tv. Perhaps they’re used to it after the third in a row. Definitely apologists content to indulge reverses because the team qualified for the euros. That’s fine if they are happy with that. I could hear the fans in the background singing, despite being 1-4 down as well, lol. Maybe it’s just a reality check and the team will improve before next years finals. One thing is glaring, though, the forwards are hopeless and need to be replaced. How he can keep playing guys who just can’t hit the net is baffling. Adams in particular is a fraud and should be discarded, he’s not even nuisance value. Thank goodness proper football returns this weekend. Saints need three points to get back on track as well. COYS.
  7. Yet again, England game available to all whilst Scotlands latest reverse (probably wisely) confined to those who are able to subscribe to another satellite channel. It’s well seen that Saints have not been playing recently, lol😁
  8. I subscribe to neither Sky nor any other satellite channels but I’m still able to watch England and Wales, that’s my original point. I understand your explanation of the reasons for our countries refusal to consider the fans, but I don’t accept them. I admit to being only vaguely interested in the national team but still think it’s very poor of the governing body to repeatedly ignore calls for games like this to be available to all.
  9. Currently watching wales v Croatia on free view. How come both wales and England are able to show games free to air but Scotland won’t ?
  10. How droll, a diminutive with a sense of humour. 👍
  11. Must have been comforting for Rashford to be up against a second division player, just like a few of his team mates. That was Clarkes big mistake. Wonder if any of Spains players are second division. Doubt it. Suspect a defeat is forthcoming.
  12. Well beaten today, looked nervous from the start and after losing the player the team rather fell apart. Rangers are the first decent team we’ve played so far and they caught us out. Admittedly they have spent millions to do so, and are hardly world beaters. I think this result has been coming for a few weeks as we’ve not really been playing well recently. I agree with Olusanya being hopeless and think he should be dropped immediately. Whilst I cringe at some of the Rangers song sheet, their fans got behind the team throughout. ( wonder what happened to their banner, lol )
  13. We seem to always struggle second half, particularly at home. Surely we ought to beat Killie at last on Saturday?. Can’t make the game but will be hoping for the three points.
  14. Unlike everyone else on here who were obviously at the match, I just heard updates on radio so have no idea how we played but very disappointed to lose to Hibs who have shown themselves as a poor team. Oh well, that’s one chance of silverware gone, now to concentrate on league points.
  15. Agree about the second half, it seems like that every home game, heart in the mouth. That said, a great result and fantastic show by Gogic who was immense. Felt the disallowed goals were very harsh and for the ref to take nearly 4 minutes to decide on the last one is pathetic. Big crowds make the games exciting, keep it up Saints. 👍
  16. Good info on this thread, particularly for folk like me who are only able to view matches on normal tv. Well done. !
  17. Just my impression from brief highlights. Obviously wrong.
  18. From the highlights, looked like we rather stole the points but nevertheless a good result. Hope we step up the performance on Saturday against Hearts and continue the good run. 👍
  19. Very poor by Scotland tonight and let down the big support. Some of the so called stars were invisible, the hype must have gone to their heads.
  20. Yes, the English to win by a couple of goals I imagine.
  21. From what I can gather, the English manager isn’t particularly rated by their fans. Their ability to always qualify for tournaments just about keeps him in a job. Of course the first good team they meet sees their exit.
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