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  1. Just watched highlights, good goal from Tait and a few others. Was Obika playing.? Not a sight or mention of him,lol. Business as usual.
  2. Cannot understand why Morais has been retained for this season, he is a pretty poor player , certainly not good enough for this level of football. Must be replaced immediately.
  3. Forward desperately needed, nothing up front. That’s without even seeing anything.
  4. Game live on radio and highlights later,so quite happy with this. Sounds like it was a good goal from a debutant.
  5. Currently heavy rain here, rather typical for July unfortunately. Last week it was St Swithins day and it rained. May improve when the schools return.
  6. Oh well, just me then. Might change my mind.
  7. Hi, first post as just joined. I’ve had a season ticket last couple of years and was trying to renew online, without success. Maybe a phone call will be better, but the real point is whether it’s worth renewing this time as having already missed the last few games last season and with no prospect of attending for the foreseeable, what’s the point.? Are others of a similar attitude .?
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