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  1. Maybe I’ve not be around as long as you, but I don’t ever remember you providing evidence of St Johnstone’s greater income on a season by season basis being directly related to league placing prize money. 
    This is the current prize pot. 
    These snapshots are from 10years ago from PWC report. There are other available.
    It’s clear that St Johnstone are a better run club with non footballing revenue streams.
    I also have no recollection of you providing ideas or suggestions on how to introduce additional revenue streams at our club.
    Without any supporting evidence I would say you are a bullshit merchant. 
    What you quoted says that both clubs got better at non-football income generation.
  2. Farcically, there’s a big political conference in a week or so at which “no firearms will be permitted”.  Why not?  What makes politicians more special than kids?
    Trump is the lead / star speaker…
    And apparently the Texas Governor is due to speak at a pro-gun rally tomorrow.

  3. Ah. The Ambassadors and the UK high heid yin in South Africa. They were the best of times, they were the worst of times. (The after parties could be fun and we’re well before Covid but the receptions were almost always tedious whether in Poland, Vietnam , UAE, Kuwait or Hong Hong (note another high heid yin who was not an ambassador). I have forgotten the rest 

    You've also forgotten that all those receptions and parties were scenes from Bond movies.

  4. PS I'm not saying there were no outbreaks, no matter who was to blame, but, overall, for the numbers that were in Seville and losing in such a manner, I'm pleasantly surprised at the few outbreaks of utter stupidity. 

    Ah, right, so you expected more then?

  5. Looks like I was right. 

    I'm out, I've no appetite for your never ending round of posts, slavering over your interpretation of a word that only makes sense to you.

    Looks like you were wrong.
  6. You seem upset there was no riots?
    If they'd won?
    You really think there would have been riots if they'd won, oh wait, aye you do, but because that's impossible to prove, you'll see that as a victory. 
    What a fecking sad situation, so desperate for you're views to be proved right you're scrabbling about, doing your usual changing the context to suit your fixed "opinion".
    I'm out, I've no appetite for your never ending round of posts, slavering over your interpretation of a word that only makes sense to you.
    See ye. :byebye 
    You should stick to other rhreads, you know what happens when you get involved in anything to do with football. 
    I'm not upset in the slightest, I'm delighted they lost and prevented mayhem.

    I've also not changed the context at all. You've selectively quoted from a post that was about "the bigger picture" if they won and basically said "look, you're prediction never came true when they lost".

    As I said, thanks for playing.
  7. Surely the Council or Councillors are unlikely to be swayed by a cash bribe!
    Aye, right.

    I was really meaning to cover the costs incurred, or at least part of them. Not really feasible though, as there are businesses that would need reimbursed for their costs too. We can but dream, though.

  8. Aww diddums, upset your prediction was a load of shite? 
    You've reinvented "almost certainly"...................
    3. It will, almost certainly, see them "celebrate" by smashing stuff up again.

    Yeah, that's what's called "quote mining".

    Taken in its proper context, it was about what would likely happen IF THEY WON.

    In case you missed it, they never won. Hope that news doesn't upset you too much.

    Thank f**k they never, as Goerge Square would have been overrun with the knuckledraggers, with probably the same results as previously.

    Thanks for playing, though.
  9. This'll upset a few slavering people on here......................

    Rangers vice-chairman John Bennett has expressed his pride in the tens of thousands of supporters who followed their team to Seville and “wowed” the Spanish police and authorities.

    Police confirmed on Thursday that no Rangers supporters were arrested in Seville after estimating that 100,000 were making their way to the Andalusian capital.

    Six Germans were arrested ahead of Wednesday’s Europa League final, most of them for being allegedly part of a large gang of Eintracht Frankfurt fans who went looking for clashes with Rangers supporters.

    Some footage emerged of Frankfurt fans attacking Gers fans outside a bar with chairs and bottles thrown but the build-up, the final itself and the aftermath were overwhelmingly peaceful with far more reports of rival supporters mingling.

    Woo-hoo, Sevco fans acting like normal human beings, they must be so pwoud.
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