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  1. I usually say "the Republic", but that's only because I have never been fully sure how "Eire" should be pronounced - I have heard it pronounced 'air', 'er-ah' and 'ear-ah'.
    Recently I discovered that 'Alba' is not pronounced the way I thought it was, either. 
    I don't refer to Finland as Suomi or Hungary as Magyarország, so I've no reason to refer to Ireland as Eire. I just tend to use the one language at a time - that language usually being "drunken sailor".

    Yeah, Alba is more like ah-lip-ah.

  2. That’s it, ridicule. That’s what people do when they don’t want to believe something that’s staring them in the face.I mean no individual harm but if you can’t actually see what is happening then by the time you do it will be too late.Evidence? Michelle Evans and others arrive in a blaze of publicity and leave in a moonlight flit without even being publicly thanked for their service. Low level departures are now the norm. Look at the Dome, it’s been down a while with no explanation as to why it will not be back at all. Ironically Faraway got it right saying help in his or her response to my post. I accept boys will be boys and make fun of what they don’t understand or don’t want to believe but you lot have your heads in the sand. As for paranoia well you know the saying there. Maybe you people making fun of me are insiders yourself!

    I heard that the club is waiting on extra duct tape before they can patch up the dome. Apparently it's on order at ScrewFix.

    Not sand, it's big bowls of jelly and ice cream we've had our faces in since Sunday.

    Insiders? Pah! We Illuminati are on the outside, controlling everything like master puppeteers.

    Maybe NASA could save billions on sending men back to the moon by doing away with the rockets and just use the existing wires you're already connected to the moon with as a pulley system to get them there and back. Just a thought.
  3. Harder in that we have won the last one and expectations are increased accordingly.
    Think Saints heading into a match against the Fakes on the back of a great run. 
    The team may not be harder to beat, but right now, it is a harder challenge in that we need to keep up that same level of performance.
    Personally, I think we can and will, but I will never take anything for granted with Saints or Scotland. 
    I'm not too worried about this game, it's essentially a free hit - as long as we beat Ukraine in the last game. Of course a win for us and Ukraine not winning would be nice, even if it is improbable.
  4. Well said. But, only one of us is taking it at all seriously. Back to your cocktails on the hotel terrace for you!
    Oh, ffs. Are you really using "I was only joking" to try and save face? Faraway's posting his, maybe you can borrow that.

    So, what have you CHOSEN to believe today?
  5. Look in the mirror you bore.
    Just because you "debate" a post to death doesn't make you very bright, just tedious.
    Surely Paisley has a "Get a Life" shop open that you could visit if you ever went out?
    Could you answer the question now? What unprovable point is being debated? Or can you not admit that you jumped in without knowing?

    I was out, I was at Hampden.
  6. What a laugh. 
    The usual suspects debating/trying to prove a point that is impossible to prove and posturing to look as if it matters one jot.
    A football forum where some people have next to no interest in football.
    You know who you are.
    What unprovable point is being debated?

    ETA: Bet I've been to see more live football than you today.

  7. You'll no doubt come back with just another one of your evasive nonsense posts.

    Not really. You are in the childrens group. Come back when you can string an argument together 

    Dear me. Not very bright are you. Think it through. Try thinking before you put words on here. Love as in giving not taking needs no reward. Think about it.

    Sorry, I was wrong, it was two evasive nonsense posts.

    I've told you before, your attempts at appearing intelligent always fail miserably.

    YOUR lack of understanding does not make MY argument unsound.

    You have no evidence for the love that you give??? Eh??? That makes no sense whatsoever. It may not be evidence that you can present to others, but it's still evidence to you as you, and only you, know how you truly feel.

    Who mentioned reward?

    I've just remembered why I try not to get into any meaningful discussion with you. At least I tell you WHY you are an idiot, you just try some wishy washy, "I know something you don't", childish, pseudo intelligent mind games to try to hide the fact that you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

    What have you chosen to believe lately without being convinced of it?
  8. My position on that is clear. I care not one whit what religion people might have chosen or been brought up in. I do respect their right to believe without belittling them in the process.
    Again, criticising the belief is not the same as criticising the believer.
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