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  1. Going on that wee snippet of audio (though it could be out of context due to it's brevity):

    We've spent the money we got from the Scottish Government

    We're still in the black (probably excluding the Scottish Government loan) - he said we want to remain in the black going forward.

    We've had costs relating to covid.



    IMO, if all, or the vast majority, of our debt is the aforementioned loan, then there's no issue.

  2. Genuinely not that worried
    If this was a court case, everything posted so far would be shrugged off as "objection, hearsay"
    I recently visited Kibble through work. Without going into specifics of a business relationship, they were thorough on due diligence, professional and pleasant to work with 
    Not sure why a long-established organisation would jeopardise their reputation to mess with a local football club
    If the annual accounts cause alarm, I'll be out with the pitchforks like the rest of us. Until then, bit of a non-issue
    If our good form continues, I have no doubt that we'll be in a great financial position, and we'll look back on this thread as nonsense 
    Don't need to wait and look back, you can look at it as nonsense right now. IMO, of course.

  3. Some of the smartest entrepreneurial people in the world do one thing well.
    They hire good people who are smarter that them in key areas. But they need to trust those individuals to deliver and not run the business at a loss.
    Despite my stupidity I have had a very successful career and run multiple businesses. Never once have I ever run my own businesses at a loss or lost any customers in my corporate career. I made a lot of money for my clients. Win-win scenario as I get repeat business year after year and in turn new business through refferals.
    I’ve witnessed highly intelligent individuals make businesses really complex and invariably lose money.

    I'm sure I read that, almost word for word, in some article quite recently.

  4. Inflation just above 10%, main reason the price of shopping, except for [mention=9369]waldorf34[/mention] who seems to buck the trend.
    Maybe he's shop LIFTING? 
    There's too many items to quote that are going through the roof but a bottle of water from Tesco was only 45p, now an astonishing 80p.
    I heard on the radio yesterday that Waitrose are seeing a rise in the sales of SPAM. 
    People getting creative, which, in the long term, might be a good thing. 

    Oaky been shopping in Waitrose? He'll be stocking up after panicking when he saw someone buying a whole TWO tins. SPAM shortage approaching.

  5. It's like a fecking script with your "thread was dead" pish.
    You made your point, you, as usual, talk yourself into a cul de sac and even when presented with evidence, or facts, you've fcuked up, you squirm around with your "misunderstood" drivel.
    You're an embsressnet who revels in insisting you're right even when you're wrong. 

    You're right, he is an "embsressnet".
  6. 50 minutes ago, BuddieinEK said:

    I fully accept that we disagree and that despite my positive outlook aligning with that of the majority of fans who voted; the club; the club SLO's; and the vast majority of fans posting on here...

    You are within your rights to focus on the negative aspects as you see them; to attack anyone who disagrees (almost everyone else in this thread), and to deflect at every opportunity. I remember when you were good at it. 

    No you don't.


    1 hour ago, antrin said:



    You persist in being wrong, stumbling around in a fog.  Myself and others kindly try to guide you towards the light.

    Did he really say "You're welcome to point out any spelling or grammatical errors, I admit it isn't my strong point. I will admit when I have made such a mistake."?

    What he should have said is "Everyone points out my spelling and grammatical errors, it's obvious that it isn't my strong point. I will never admit when I have made such a mistake and will instead redefine words to make it appear that I am correct - at least in my own head, if not in reality."

  8. All very well shouting from the stands, but try playing in the game. I've seen so called supporters having a go at the players before. Sadly its the more talented players who get it worst. Corcoran, Mendes, Stickroth. And then they find their feet, and become legends. Just this once, get behind the Paisley girl and lets see what she can do.

  9. You could give the bigots 3 stands and they would still be in the home end.
    The club is being fair by treating all other clubs the exact same way, 1 stand and no more. 
    It's not unheard of for St Mirren supporters to be in the home ends of clubs with smaller capacities than we have. As long as these fans behave, it's not much of an issue.
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