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  1. Please do. One word every three weeks would be perfect, not just for me, but for the forum as a whole. [emoji2957]
  2. Has terminal cancer - given six months to live. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/rangers-legend-andy-goram-says-27097494.amp
  3. The numbers don't lie, but they alone don't tell where the money came from, hence the "explanations" that you posted at the end. Those explanations do not back you up. You never read them properly, did you?
  4. What you quoted says that both clubs got better at non-football income generation.
  5. And apparently the Texas Governor is due to speak at a pro-gun rally tomorrow.
  6. Wasn't that long ago that some folk were worried that we wouldn't win in a playoff vs Arbroath.
  7. You've also forgotten that all those receptions and parties were scenes from Bond movies.
  8. He wouldn't mock you if you were an ambassador. You could become the Penguin ambassador.
  9. Yep, moral high ground should win every time.
  10. Ah, right, so you expected more then?
  11. Looks like you were wrong. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  12. Looks like I was right. [emoji1787]
  13. I'll take that as an admission that you've f**ked up. [emoji16]
  14. I'm not upset in the slightest, I'm delighted they lost and prevented mayhem. I've also not changed the context at all. You've selectively quoted from a post that was about "the bigger picture" if they won and basically said "look, you're prediction never came true when they lost". As I said, thanks for playing.
  15. Aye, right. [emoji1787] I was really meaning to cover the costs incurred, or at least part of them. Not really feasible though, as there are businesses that would need reimbursed for their costs too. We can but dream, though.
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