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  1. I was under the impression he could sign for another club but they wouldn’t be able to register until the transfer window as the former club will still hold his registration. 
    I believe (after checking Google ) Joey Barton couldn't play for Burnley until the start of the next transfer window when he signed for them after having his Sevco contract terminated, so you may be right.

  2. John Needham? Where do we start with this former “banker”?
    Needham thought he could breeze into a SMiSA meeting when there was absolute carnage taking place behind the scenes and made bullshit excuses about massive failures in the operational running of the club.
    Anyone remember when we forcibly ejected Interstadia from the smart card entry system contract?
    Anyone remember we had to re-submit all our Personal Identification Information which was time and cost consuming? The reason Needham gave to the audience was that the databases were incompatible.
    What bullshit.
    I was exchanging secure data to military back in the 80’s when modern databases were only a pipe dream.
    All data is 1’s and 0’s. I could have moved and converted that data in under 30 minutes.
    The story I heard was that InterStadia were owed money by the club and that company would not supply the data without being paid for the outstanding bill I was told our esteemed CEO at the time offered the guy out for a “square go”.
    I believe that InterStadia never got paid. And then I believe Interstadia deleted the database. 
    It probably cost the club more to provide additional staff to perform the updates of the new data. They even got that wrong with some family members and seat numbers wrong. Then they sold season ticket holders seats to new people.
    We have seen huge queues and delays in getting into KO since the new system was installed. 

    If interstadia hadn't been paid money they were owed, they would have taken the club to court.

    You seem to believe a lot of stuff in stories you've been told. Not much of it makes sense, right enough. Just so you know, the earth isn't flat, there are no little green men at Area 51, and Bigfoot isn't real (though Nessie absolutely is).
  3. Eh Eh  aye kin see where your coming from.... wit I should have said was any Scot that disagreed with his actions is a arsehole in fact even the English now think he was right to take it back, that they gave us it back, now we just need our independence back... I knows that's tough for some folk to leave the safety of our great leaders from down south
    To be honest, I'm not too bothered about it. It's part of Scottish history, so it should be in Scotland but it is also a representation of monarchy, which I am against. They'll be taking it to London for Chico's coronation.
  4. You're not the best with figures are you..........................
    UK inflation now stands at more than five times the 2% target set by the government for the Bank of England (BoE). The BoE recently forecast that inflation will peak at around 13% by the end of this year and will continue at “elevated levels” through 2023.
    Inflation is measured on year-to-date so, as prices shot up this spring, inflation could be lower next spring even though prices are higher than now. Prices were still comparably cheap last winter which means that inflation could well reach 13% before dropping when we get to the anniversary of the Ukraine invasion, even though prices would still be higher than they are this winter. His 8% for next spring could be right, especially when you factor in the £400 fuel subsidy everyone's getting which will essentially keep inflation "lower" than it would otherwise have been.

    Of course, if Putin uses a tactical nuke, all bets are off.
  5. As others have said, usually anything at all is a bonus when up against the bigots.  However, this time I am quietly confident of getting something from this game, although a lot will depend on who is/isn't available, especially to make the ball stick up front when we have it.

    I do agree with antrin, this mob are not as good as the other mob, but this is at their patch, not ours.

    Of course, unless we take the 3 points, the other mob will be accusing us of being closet h*ns and lying down to them.

  6. 59 minutes ago, YulBrynner said:

    I have not posted for a long time due to the childlike abuse - like this - you inevitably get in reply. I do not do social media for the same reason. It was a post simply to inform you all that Alan had announced his resignation in front of me and a very large audience and that it would be easy for anyone to confirm Ross had been made redundant for the short time taken to send an e-mail or make a phone call. It does not help your case to “shoot the messenger” when you simply don’t want to accept the message. These are the facts. They should not be ignored.

    I called the club, they said I've to tell you and Glen to stop being twats.

  7. What's the best night for a night out in Paisley, a Friday or a Saturday? 
    Getting together with a few mates in November, somewhere a bit lively, maybe karaoke or some entertainment? 

    Cave (Botton of New Street)normally have a band on I think, Kenneddy's Anchor & Welly have Karaoke. Bull Inn normally ok. Swan is an older group I think. Start top of Neilston Rd and do the pub crawl and either go straight on at Kennedy's or go left and go up New Street

    Also Ugly Duck has karaoke on Friday (I think) and Saturday (definitely). Abbey Bar has it on Saturdays - that's normally where you'll find me, so you know where to keep away from. The Charleston on both nights, the Balnagowan on Saturdays (not sure about Fridays) - handy if starting at McIntyre Place. Swan normally have a band on late Saturday afternoon into early(ish) evening but sometimes it's ticket only. Anchor sometimes have a band on Saturday afternoons.

    I don't often go out on Fridays, so can't really answer the Friday/Saturday bit.
  8. Thanks to posters of reasoned replies. I understand the reluctance of some to believe bad news. I’m asking SMISA to step up but ask others to question what is going on instead of taking the club’s silence as a positive. Fabulous performances on the park will only continue if the team stays together. I hear, including from an academy parent, that we have to let players go asap and coaches have been quietly paid off. Players always leave but in our precarious financial state it will be by necessity.One comment here that £1.7 million is probably tucked away in a bank. Seriously !

    Ask SMISA to demand a cash in hand statement. The accounts presented to shareholders in January will be a year out of date. If worse than previous then given Saints (reckless) spending it will be worse now.
    Michelle Evans has not been replaced. That fact is pertinent. That she has found another job is a moot point.No departing staff member was thanked by the club. The Dome vandalised. Exactly, that was my point. Its age isirrelevant. It has been destroyed. There was no vandalism under the previous security company.
    Accusing me of paranoia and poking fun is classic diversionary behaviour. Assuming all is well because of silence or that information is accurate from anywhere (me included) is what bites you later.
    I ask you to read between the lines. St Mirren’s website and press releases come from Kibble’s PR. Content is shaped by the very people failing the club. Why would they tell you otherwise?

    Ok, what have we spent the £1.7m on? Extra win bonuses? Let's just hope they haven't invested it in the stock markets, eh.
  9. I usually say "the Republic", but that's only because I have never been fully sure how "Eire" should be pronounced - I have heard it pronounced 'air', 'er-ah' and 'ear-ah'.
    Recently I discovered that 'Alba' is not pronounced the way I thought it was, either. 
    I don't refer to Finland as Suomi or Hungary as Magyarország, so I've no reason to refer to Ireland as Eire. I just tend to use the one language at a time - that language usually being "drunken sailor".

    Yeah, Alba is more like ah-lip-ah.
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