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  1. What has happened to Durmus... is he injured or out of favour ? Dylan sounds a similar type ....
  2. Do you not think his contribution to Saints last season was decent. Though not a scorer... his forward play brought about an upward turn in results and specifically an increase in the goals scored by Obika... ? Interesting to see how Obika does in the first few games without such a player assisting him....
  3. Surely Saints could have matched his wage demands. Jim wanted him and knew that he was not a great goalscorer. He was a good forward player though and made a difference for us last season. For a wage Dundee could afford... I think we should also be able to afford him as we have higher revenue. He would be an asset. Championship ? ... he is better than that. Surely he WANTS better than that ? Anyhoo... Jim's choice it appears. Hopefully he has even better lined up....
  4. So ...am I correct ? You suggest that Saints were not prepared to pay the same as Dundee. As they thought he was not worth the wage his agent asked for. Even though the wage demand was reduced. Saints could get more players in for a similar outlay... ? I thought he was an exciting player last year... reasonable quality. Not sure that Saints will get in the same quality. I would rather we paid the same as Dundee for Jakubiak, than bring in two or three poorer quality players. Hopefully Jim has somebody else of a similar quality in mind. Anx gets him importantly. Seems a shame Jak has gone to the Championship rather than us.
  5. How has this happened... anybody ? Looks dubious.
  6. How come a player 4 times too expensive for Saints... joined Dundee.
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