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  1. if I know that he was in several teams, although where he played the most was in Motherwell and St.Mirren, and then in the end in Clydebank, it seems that in St.Mirren he did not leave a good memory.
  2. Hi, remember Fraser Wishart? Could you tell me what positions he played in when he was with St.Mirren?
  3. Second part: 22 - Ian Cameron - LM-CM 19 - Gardner Speirs - LM 18 - Brian Gallagher - CF-LW 18 - Tommy Wilson - RB 16 - Paul Chalmers - CF 15 - Kenny McDowall - CF 12 - David Winnie - CD-LB 6 - Gary Peebles - CM 4 - Doug Bell - CM 1 - Norrie McWhirter - CD 1 - Barney Duffy - GK 1 - Les Fridge - GK GoalKeeper, Right Back, Central Defender, Left Back, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder Right Midfielder,Left Midfielder Right Winger,Left Winger Center Forward.
  4. It is not the 11 of the cup final, it is the 86/87 season squad in order of games played as starters.
  5. These are the players and their matches as starters in the Scottish championship of the winning team of the Scottish Cup in 1987 and the playing positions where I pigeonhole them. Part One - Top 11 in Starting Appearances 42 - Campbell Money - GK 39 - Neil Cooper - CD-DM 38 - Frank McGarvey - CF 37 - Peter Godfrey - CD 36 - Derek Hamilton - LB 35 - Ian Ferguson - CM 28 - Billy Abercromby - DM-LB 26 - Brian Hamilton - DM 24 - Paul Lambert - CM 23 - Steve Clarke - RB-CD 23 - Tony Fitzpatrick - DM GoalKeeper, Right Back, Central Defender, Left Back, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder Right Winger,Left Winger Center Forward.
  6. Paul Kinnaird - Does anyone remember him playing for St.Mirren?
  7. One question, what kind of midfielder was Tony Fitzpatrick?
  8. Greetings, a question about players that I think all played on the left side, Gardner Speirs was a left midfielder, Ian Cameron also although I think in this case he also did it as a central midfielder, and Paul Kinnaird was more a left winger, is right?
  9. Or it would be rather, two center forwards (Gallagher, McDowall, McGarvey or Chalmers) and an attacking midfielder behind them Lambert or Ferguson and then we would be talking about these players being more attacking at the beginning of his sports career??
  10. so that three-man attack would be just three forwards, but not as a center forward and two wingers.
  11. So, Brian Gallagher and Kenny McDowall could play wingers too? McGarvey and Chalmers as center forwards?
  12. In the 86/87 season the Saints would use a 4-3-3 scheme, with the midfielders who played the most as starters Billy Abercromby, Paul Lambert and Ian Ferguson? being Abercromby the one who did a more defensive job? .... although he also played many games as a starter Brian Hamilton who I think was also a defensive-style midfielder.
  13. With Ian Ferguson we would be facing a case similar to Lambert's, that is to say, over the years they are remembered as more defensive players but that in their first years, both in St.Mirren, they were more creative players than defenders? Would Billy Abercromby be in charge of performing more defensive tasks in the center of the field? I think he could also play in defense, could it be?
  14. Paul Lambert played most of his sports career as a defensive central midfielder, in his early years in the saints did he also play in that position?
  15. Greetings, Good morning, I wanted to ask about former club players, especially from the 86/87 season, I'm interested in knowing their positions on the pitch, starting with the following players: * Steve Clarke - Right full-back * Peter Godfrey - Central Defender * Neil Cooper - Central Defender, Defensive Midfielder * Derek Hamilton - Left Full-back it is right? will you help me?
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