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  1. Time to let folk in for £5 as product on display is disgraceful.
  2. Thats what Goodwin does, looks to other teams strengths taking away what his players can do by worrying about opposition.
  3. Baz has truly been handed his arse on a plate tonight!
  4. Im amazed at your age your still alive🤣
  5. Be amazed if Goodwin tries to win this game and doesn't start for a draw.
  6. There is zero atmosphere at Saint's home games!
  7. Munoz is a tit, a pure follower on here. Next time he posts his own opinion will be the 1st, forum clique member whos scared to say what he thinks!
  8. Another programme i never finished, probably realistic to how it has been but not for me. Was totally bored.
  9. Yip, i lasted 5 minutes before it went off, utter garbage.
  10. Cody cooke was better than any of the 4 clowns we have upfront just now.
  11. I think Goodwin could be looking for excuses to get out door after this game!
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