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  1. JDH has been as pish as the rest the last 3 games he played, probably buying into Goodwin way of playing, "the shitebag way".
  2. Can't see anytjing other than 4-5-1 on Wed with usual weird tactics and subs...
  3. Yes, disappointed you made absolutely f**k all effort to win game and come out with pure utter pish to cover your inadequacies as a manager up!
  4. Would also be looking at Fraser at right back, offers absolutely feck all going forward and seems to get an easy ride. Very very average player. Shaughnessy needs a rocket up his arse as well..
  5. I'd go for midfield of Foley, Flynn, McPherson and Durmus with Obika and Brophy upfront. Brophy must be thinking WTF have i come to, not one chance created for him in 3 games...
  6. A point in this game is not good enough. Ill give that Goodwin has build a decent squad but has no faith in them. Has no clue of his best line-up or formation. He should be getting pulled in and told to put a team on park to win games and if not can go just now. If he doesn't go 442 here will be disgraceful.
  7. Goodwin set-up with negative tactics, doesn't believe in players or himself. Set-up not to lose game, never tried to win it...needs to have a long hard look at himself...
  8. If Goodwin sets them up the way he does at Ibrox or Parkhead we are f**ked, fear of god in the players in those games!
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