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  1. Listen to double barrell bawbag....the forum sook, creepy as feck!
  2. McGrath scores lots penalties and chips in with few other goals. Dissappears for ling periods in games and can be non existent at times. Wouldn't be as big a loss as people think. If Erwin had taken all penalties last year folk would think same of him.
  3. When people bought a season ticket they knew this would be the case so why moan and greet about it不不不
  4. What i find funny is how people thought this was a great signing, cracking player etc. Folk had obviously not watched him to see what Saints were getting. A guy who basically used to shoot wherever he got the ball. That is it....i don't see any link up play, any good runs, any winning the ball. I hope Brophy starts scoring and has a great career at Saints but at moment its tin-pot....
  5. Pondlife不不不不would rather be pondlife than a creepy stalker like u.....away munch ur lego...its yelliw tonight....
  6. You were interested enough to reply, not the brightest in the class wee man!
  7. I wouldn't take one if i got it for feck all, goes for every game now.
  8. Totally made up and pure speculation. You have no idea whats happening.
  9. So calling people names online is not abuse as well???不不不不not to bright r u不不
  10. What about ten games before he never scored?
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