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  1. State u get urself into is quite fascinating..
  2. The seeth on this is amazing๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. Season is over as long as Goodwin is in charge...
  4. I think Oaksoft is obsessed with u in someway, seems to follow you about forum..seems to be some kind of stalker or have a crush on u...
  5. Not saying they don't (well in Goodwin case he knows feck all imo). But Erahon is a complete shadow and different player that i used to watch....same goes for Joshua Jack on loan at Clyde. Josh was the most talented youngster i have ever seen by a country mile...
  6. When he was younger from age about 11-12...all the expert's on here will tell you different..
  7. Remind us, when is your club opening with all the top DJ's making guest appearances? Ffs u calm down as well...enough in the seething group already, u don't need to join in with shite patter, canny wait for ur amazing comeback. Hurry up, go on...
  8. Calm down, rage is consuming u....clearly u need to control the rage, raging!
  9. Who is the gifted player you are talking about? Must have missed it!
  10. Played right into his hands. Do what most people do. Ignore him. Another wee guy who seems to be raging, r u the leader of the wee angry man club?
  11. You seem a very jealous and angry wee man, think you need to calm down, u seem to be raging...chill out wee guy!
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