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  1. Would totally disagree that squad is better than 2013 cup winning side. Also it is a lot weaker than last season. Main, Brophy, Kiltie, Power all poor signings IMO. Havent replaced Durmus and Tait, Flynn all getting older. Erhahon is poor and Cammy has left. I would think this squad has relegation fight all over it.
  2. You said Marcus Fraser is better🤣Fraser can defend but his use of ball and distribution is honking. I think he is big part of problem in Saints going forward...would not be in my team...
  3. Got hooked in 68th minute as he was honking!
  4. Because u r ruining a decent topic with your continual pish and people replying to it. Everybody has said you are wrong and you are making a fool of yourself now fuk off!
  5. Baz has made a total and utter cnut of himself yet again, just doesn't know when to shut the fcuk up. He is boring as fcuk, must give himself a cnut of a headache everyday.
  6. What load of rubbish. Why would Alan be anti Smisa. Because anybody with half a brain could see what was going to happen when this mob took over, that rules you out hoose haunter!
  7. Said from day one SMISA getting hands on the club a wrong move. Absolute farce and shambles already.
  8. Bit like Goodwin, not a clue!
  9. Yet again, another who likes to give it out but struggles to take it back. I will leave you in a flood of tears wee man, jog on!
  10. Really hope his mother is called Cathy. Poor woman. I feel for her. I feel sorry for ur mirror ya wee mutant 🤣🤣🤣
  11. I have no idea what " stick to my taxi" means....u look like a lonely wee fella!
  12. I'm very chilled, not bitter, angry or anything on God's day👍
  13. Asda on phone looking for your face for Halloween cakes....hope your not in tears, ill buy u a pint anytime if ur lonely!
  14. Oh def that. Oh, wee forum gang forming here, listen to yourselves🤣🤣wee house haunter all pleased🤣🤣🤣
  15. How anybody can support a team with Sevco or Celtic player in it is beyond me!
  16. This is utter dug shite, hope Moldova score...
  17. Discuss🤣🤣🤣what would i possibly have to discuss with a hoose haunter??? Saying 6-0 is a learning curve you absolute toolbag!!!
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