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  1. As i said listen to one of the bawbags incase he doesn't get in, absolutely pathetic response, what a clown🤣🤣
  2. Ffs can u imagine the SMISA mob if they didn't get in 1st😀 couldn't run a raffle but think they are the saviours!
  3. Im looking for the old croatia away style top we had in xxl if anybody selling.
  4. To be fair Smisa don't seem to do anything! The other point you made should not be mentioned. There is banter, wind ups taking pure pish (mostly from me) but that is not right to say stuff like that.
  5. You want to be like me and Shull but ur scared clique fling u out, oh dear what would you do without agreeing with everbody, toolbag!
  6. No, i think we will be in bottom 2. I don't think Goodwin has what it takes to get goals in that team.
  7. Ffs😀😀😀we are bottom of the fecking league😀top six ffs, try getting off the bottom first...
  8. General question, what has happened to B&W Army twitter page? Used to be decent but unfunny as feck know and updates etc are pish, is somebody else running it? Totally ruined it if so as the patter is honking...
  9. Lets stop making excuses for him, Obika is fecking honking!
  10. I have absolutely no doubt we will be bottom or 2nd bottom. Can play all the nice football you want but if u cant put ball in net ur f**ked!
  11. 3 games this week and 1 point out of 9!!!
  12. Obika won the penalty but is a man short!
  13. Good cause im no wanting grasses or snitches in mine!
  14. Hate this grassing and dicipline people. Mistakes were mate and you learn and move on. People's jobs, livelihoods at stake, ffs wouldnt want u in my corner.
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