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  1. Another 5 required, 2 wingers, 2 strikers and right back.
  2. Look at difference, two non strikers or goals in Brophy or Main, Or Cummings and Griffiths, also have McGowan and Adam in behlnd that... think Stevie Wonder signs Saints players!
  3. Defo, think its a no brainer taking him....decent strike force Dundee have.
  4. Dundee sign Lee Griffiths, to much baggage but could turn out to be great singing. Saints got Curtis Main不不不
  5. As long as you weren't logging on to see a decent signing...
  6. Can't see that, will do the usual fecking about and end up with one totally uninspiring signing.
  7. And Brophy, Main, Kiltie and Erhahon...Erwin, McAllister surplus to requirements.
  8. Goodwin seems to have a real lack of belief in players he signs. He's more scared of losing than trying to win a game. Is terrified of opposition players...
  9. Not shite but if Erwin had scored 4 or 5 goals and 12 penalties then folk would think he was great. McGrath is decent for short spells in games but posted missing most of the time. Maybe be better with decent players roundabout him but imagine going out and having Main,Brophy, Erwin, Erhahon as your team....feck that...
  10. If McGrath didn't take penalties everybody would think he was shite, has never played a full 90 minutes.
  11. Last season didn't count, no fans, lack of cash and absolutely no pressure from fans to win games. Soon as fans are back normal service is resumed. You cannot have 4 non scoring strikers at club, no wingers, no pace and no creativity in midfield and expect to win games....unless 3 or 4 serious signings made then relegation all day long for this squad.
  12. 45 minutes and i don't think Brophy has touched the ball.
  13. I'm at match was our disallowed goal offside or another match officials cock up? Looked offside
  14. Would have fitted right in with our 4 non-scoring so called strikers.
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