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  1. Another obsessed fan, no need to feel threatened, i pose you no harm and neither does Ronnie. Calm down wee guy, it's ok...
  2. Did u inherit being this stupid? Is your village not wanting it's idiot back, was hoping for a vattle of wit's but u really are unarmed ya fud!!
  3. Great come-back ya fud..u seem sevco obsessed so stop trying to turn it ya clown...keep playing to ur forum gang,..you fit right in with them...toolbag
  4. Wrong forum if ur in it lego muncher, shite patter as well hen!
  5. Goodwin seems to have absolutely no belief in the players he signs. Is he the only one who realises his tactics are absolutely shite!
  6. Absolute disgraceful performace, feck knows what is said to players but there were shitting themselves today and that comes from the management. Defo in a relegation fight. Lost players and replaced them with absolute duds....
  7. Over achieved last season with no crowd pressure and would mark the season down as not even counting. Soon as pressure is on Saints back to relegation fighters....Goodwin cannot handle crowd pressure or important games. 1st bigger game this seasn was Hearts and folded, 2nd was Livi and folded....
  8. Prob as big as Saints, wouldn't say there is much difference in player standards, crowds etc...
  9. Prob be 4 down and put subs on 85th minute...Main to be booked today and Brophy won't touch ball...
  10. Just change your name to "shite patter I'm a wanker"...
  11. U will be luck to find 150 fans in that stand when old firm play. Absolute waste of time opening it TBH. Get them moved and get 1700 paying customers in. If you don't think this makes buisness sense you are a total fool.
  12. A moby? Well your the dik part!
  13. The guys a clown, your better off ignoring him. Its ok a bit of debate but he's boring as f**k!
  14. How do you know it's a shithole if you wouldn't go?
  15. Why have a 150 in a stand when u can have 1800? Makes no buisness sense at all. Small clubs like Saints need to utilise every opportunity to make money. You obviously have never run a buisness or have any idea what it takes.
  16. They don't need the money, Saints do so grow up..
  17. Erhahon is a poor Sean Kelly...
  18. Couldn't be arsed looking at what "it" replied....she defo has wee man syndrome or something!
  19. Had actually blocked it but made mistake of looking at it's post. Making a total fool of it's self now and is to be pitied, blocked again as it's better of ignored to continue it's ramblings like fool it is...no doubt the fool will post back this is a victory or somebody's greeting.....await with baited breath....hurry up fool!
  20. Baz won't be, he's a gushing messπŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰
  21. Here's an idea Jim, try attacking from the start and winning the game!
  22. Good point that but Cammy seems to have went backwards under Goodwin...
  23. Need right winger, centre ball playing mid who can drive forward and 2 strikers...
  24. Problem is players signed aren't as good as players who left. Brophy and Main are no-where near standard. Kiltie is a 1st division player and Dunn is not at McCarthy level but has been playing before him. The tactics are shocking and Goodwin has not a clue how to set team up midfield to forward. McGrath is posted missing for 70 minutes due to long balls and no width to get crosses in. Saying that we have 4 non-scoring so called strikers.
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