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  1. 22 minutes ago, StanleySaint said:

    Stanley is in the funny position of being half way between Durham and Newcastle and MrsS has said that the town centre has been slowly dying since the main road was pedestrianised (sound familiar?) Town centre now mainly comprised of banks, bookies, bakers, barbers with a couple of supermarkets but now even the banks are pulling out!

    Pedestrianising town centres all good if they thought about parking, decent road links and public transport.


    In fact everything that most out of town do have and thats one of the reasons why they succeed.


    Over here the same where banks are concerned and their buildings lie empty due to cost of changing purpose etc


  2. Down here its like chalk and cheese between whitehaven and workington.  As much as whitehaven promotes itself as a historic market town the run down town centre doesn't go well with the amount they have spent on the harbour and marina which aren't bad at all. Good views of empty shop units. Sellafield put a lot in financially for any office spaces they can get their hands on so you can imagine the impact covid had on the town with all the working from home.


    On the other hand in workington it's the complete opposite busy shops in town and out of town sites. Even has the customary empty debenhams building.

  3. 26 minutes ago, BuddieinEK said:

    From next week, regular asymptomatic testing for health and social care workers stops. 

    That's a bit of a strange one as I would have assumed that would still be a priority. In all honesty it's all a bit strange when you think of it really, not so long ago we couldn't do this, that or the next thing. Now especially where I work and who we are contracted to run full capacity buses being 77. Peak time these are full..............cab window wide open time. Known as the covid expresses by us

  4. 6 minutes ago, stlucifer said:

    Morbid people watching a wooden box being trudged along on whatever vehicle they're using. I will have nothing to do with it. The old woman died. She's being interred where ever. None of my concern. Death tourism? Brilliant advert for England. NOT.

    I guess you aren't a fan of the Royal family then and that's fair enough. I'm not that fussed to be honest it is what it is.

    What I meant in reply to previous comment was I have done coach holidays in the past that have included places like Windsor, Hampton Court,  Edinburgh, Castle of Mey and as close to Balmoral as you can get. Tourists love it.


    Thats what I meant.



  5. 7 minutes ago, shull said:

    The pomp and pageantry of today is magnificent.

    Brilliant to watch.


    It is because we are good at it regardless of the situation and it brings a lot of tourism into the country.


  6. 12 hours ago, Sonny said:

    Hopefully another bonus today was Stevie Clark in the stand. Surely he couldn't fail to be impressed with Gallgher's performance.

    Funnily enough I was talking to a good friend of mine yesterday about that after the match. Unfortunately as things this way have gone in the past, Gallagher wearing wrong coloured strip to be considered. I hope this these days is not the case. I would also like to add there were others that should really gave Clarke some food for thought after that performance yesterday being Erhahon, O'Hara and Fraser. And why not.


  7. 2 hours ago, eastlandssaint said:

    Wolverhampton Wanderers 0    Manchester City 3

    Was quite pleased with that one, William Hill gave flash odds the other day of evens instead of 1/40 for a goal to be scored in the game. Always happy to take a free tenner.

  8. We have had this conversation at work many times. I certainly would put celtic at low end of premier with rangers probably in championship. Hearts/dons either top end of lg1 maybe bottom end of championship maybe add hibs into lg1.  The rest would flit between lg1/lg2 and national league.

    The main issue is the financial side and what teams in respective leagues can attract in terms of players and sponsorship, etc.

    In saying that there are also some teams within the lower leagues in england that are money daft in order to try and improve. Prime examples being Bolton, Salford and Wrexham.

    Another thing was, and i don't know how many watched it but the Macclesfield/Robbie Savage documentary was an eye opener wage wise, even for stating at very,very PT end of pyramid they were looking at around £300-£500 per week for players.


  9. 14 hours ago, exiledfan said:

    My school was basically a caldron of Rangers fans with a very few saints fans scattered in with the Catholic School a 5 minute walk away being a caldron of Celtic.

    Nothing better than being a bud and loving your home town and team. 

    Got to say at foxbar primary when I went there, more rangers fans than saints. Would have made my dad ill if I had supported anyone else that saints. Should imagine the same mix would have been with amochrie and brediland primaries too as st Paul's was predominantly celtic but this is passed through generations with certain clubs linked with religion. Quite sad really when you look back at that.


    Camphill was no different really until the Murray/Souness bottomless cash pit to success rolled in and many jumped ship.


    Oh and then one day in 1987 they temporarily jumped back over.



    Back to the original topic anyway, good commercial move by the club imo as most age ranges for this will need an accompanying paying adult. That in turn may increase club shop sales, etc on match days.


    Down our way, workington went with this approach last season and my daughter’s one lasts for this season too. My lads on the other hand take turns on using it when we get the chance to pop along as there is no photo on the card season pass. Still bank of dad when we go🥺🥺🥺🥺

  10. 46 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

    McDonald was a great player but he's not been the same since his transplant and his career at the higher levels of the game are probably over - we're also well versed in centre of the park so I'd pass on that.

    McNulty, a definite no for me. He's a downgrade on what we have. 1 league goal every 9 games for Dundee Utd means I wouldn't waste a wage.

    There's no-one from that list I'd be looking to strengthen with (I mean obviously apart from Rogic but lets be honest, that's fanciful unless he wants a pre-Aussie World Cup love-in). McGeouch and Grimshaw are only two possibilities I'd want us to look at if we weren't well covered in both areas of the squad. Neither currently going to significantly strengthen our side and would be bit part players. The best affordable free agent who left a Scottish side that was still out there on the market, we signed two weeks ago in the shape of Gogic.

    Thankfully, mercifully it looks like a club, we're now beyond the 'maybe we will be utilising the free agents market after the window has closed' stage.

    I've got to say after reading both comments again I do agree with your take on it as both players I picked out probably wouldn't be happy as a bit part player, with that causes unrest in camp. I think we were even beyond the maybe category even under JG as he stated we didn't have the luxury of giving them 4 weeks at least to get up to speed.


    Never know, Martin Foyle may unearth another one from the English market or from further afield.



  11. 9 minutes ago, stlucifer said:

    He had the right club for him but walked out for the quick buck. A lot richer for it no doubt.

    I can agree with the first bit but if anyone offers you 5x your annual salary wouldn't you take it. And also you got to think, did he have it to build a premier team given the fact we had 2 wholesale squad changes to 1) stay in championship, and 2) get promoted. Some of who probably wouldn't have been good enough to make the step up. Grateful for what he did by saving us from quite frankly oblivion then getting us back up but that's all. Taken us a bit to get more competitive but here we are.

  12. 1 hour ago, exiledfan said:

    Parker's it would appear is down to the post match interview where he basically told the media there is no chance of staying up with the direction of the board. 

    Issue is he wasn't far wrong tho. The players that are still there after last foray into premiership weren't good enough to stay in it and certainly now aren't up to it. Other players brought in were good enough to get promoted. They act more like Norwich and Watford now tbf.

  13. 1 hour ago, DougJamie said:

    Disgusted by Parker getting chop..  not surprised JR did... clearly something far wrong at Utd with Watts and Mulgrew on bench... and their players did throw in the towel v Celts... we just outplayed them..  what now... or do we care what happens below us.. if Utd or Hibs had any sense they would appoint Martindale...but they will want a big salary name who is unproven in SPFL... f**kem and long may their suffering go on... we are presently ok and a reminder that Directors and Owners are far more fickle than us fans

    Totally agree with you on Parker getting the boot. Don't care about whats happening at bottom of the table nor do I think that is going to be the case this season. I don't think SR suffers slackers in the team and or as the case may be if you aren't going to push yourself to get into the team no matter what age you are then you can leave.

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