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  1. Very true and quite a few of same way at New year I suspect 😠
  2. The fallout from the Christmas chaos hasn't helped
  3. Would Fraser not be able to cover cb if needed and Flynn at right back.
  4. I think a 3 nil gubbin in a derby match doesn't help matters🤣
  5. Announced as new Motherwell boss on bbc sports, hope they don't get that new boss bounce on saturday
  6. I suppose he was in the 'at risk' category............from hearts fans😂😂
  7. Should be getting at them from get go, in saying that a scrappy 1 nil win and 3 points will do👍
  8. Ssshhhh, some on here don't believe it😦😦😦😦
  9. The worrying thing is the amount of Americans that hang on every word that trump says and basically will do anything he wants😮
  10. To be honest I'd forgotten about their nuclear plant, we used to have glowing times with sellafield fairly closeby🙂
  11. I bizarrely now got CNN on and wonder if it will be carnage at 6pm America time or not, its utter madness🥺🥺
  12. Should be, wonder if eldest will watch it............🤣 The man utd autopsy has started................could be a long night😭😭😭😭😭
  13. No doubt I will get the trauma at full time, just want to say to him 'just admit it, your team is shite'🤣🤣🤣🤣
  14. I know, my eldest still at home from uni, a big man utd fan has been hollering and carrying on. Don't need to watch it I get the shouts of despair coming from his room🤣 daren't laugh when he comes out, might not be the wisest move🤣🤣🤣
  15. Believe it or not they were 3/1 to win, at least it didn't cost me anything🤣🤣
  16. Got United for win, well you got to do something with a £2 free bet from hills🙂
  17. Trump's amazing, an absolute nutter! That bad that Putin and the other nutter from North Korea have conceded they cant keep up with his madness🤣🤣🤣🤣
  18. Another one of of our ex loan players on move again, Brad Lyons. This time to morecambe. Privileged to be there he is. More like closer to heysham to get ferry back to Ireland🙄
  19. We will be stuck with Sheron, Fleetwood haven't got a manager at mo and no doubt won't won't him bk til end of loan due to covid travel stuff
  20. Bit like my all time favourite trier for us. Robert Dawson.
  21. To be fair I think he will do well in national league, obviously standard is a bit lower but it is mostly a full time league now and a bit more competitive than years gone by. Good luck to him.
  22. Thought it might be to your liking............😂😂
  23. Nah, only time we had decent money it was plain to see where it went, on likes of Archibald 😦
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