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  1. Was in it til I was 16 and was working friday nights, even by then numbers had dwindled down to what they had been.
  2. We both work for a big company, sometimes on same shift block
  3. I was in 18th Paisley (Methodist central hall) for many years, it was sad to see flags laid to rest.
  4. It's bad enough without starting him off on that one不不
  5. I liked their old stadium but I suppose they are serious about getting to the premier league. New one looks like an updated version of say Bolton and Huddersfield stadiums. Reebok and McAlpine because I'm old不不不
  6. I think we got every chance of turning them over BUT as I'm on backshift at work I'm keeping my phone switched off so my rangers supporting mate at work can't pester me 不
  7. There are quite a lot if similarities between Morton and Carlisle utd down here being they have been bankrolled for years by another company owned by chairman/owner and having an old stadium. I think the break even figure will be achievable for Morton and they can sort themselves out, even if it is them haha
  8. I think it's down to determination which comes down to management team and making players believe they can do it. We look more balanced albeit in the striker department. I agree with dipping back into the irish league or maybe a loan deal from say english championship club, most who are loaned out in January are going to be moved on so it's a good chance to put themselves in shop window either for another club or even a contract with us.
  9. Got to say what a great topic this is!! It certainly has got me looking back at Paisley as I remember late 70s up til moving mid 90s. Whether its mrs CS thinking I'm going through some mid life crisis or my kids looking shocked when asking what school I went to, camphill, or where I lived being high flats or tenament on brediland road it's all good stuff.
  10. I agree but not every club publicises the fact they were short of goalkeepers and then having to loan one in from of all clubs, Hearts. Unfortunately once you do this, then anything that follows after this will be looked into in depth by SFA, etc. Other clubs I'd say have and no doubt will go in for the 'injury crisis' and emergency loan deals instead of being honest
  11. I've got to say fair enough to the club if they want to appeal the decision but I cannot see it being overturned, what would be interesting to see if the same punishment is handed out to any other clubs that have to cancel games if they cant field a team for whatever reason. Reading in to it all the financial penalty was for the covid breaches and the 3-0 losses for being unable to field a team, which is standard even down as far, say, sunday league football. What makes 2 of the breaches even worse was 1) the disregard for whatever establishment catered for the pre-match meal which would have to have made themselves covid compliant, and 2) also a disregard for the company that provides team coach, who would have to have made coach covid compliant with very visible signs for which seats etc to be used. I do however think there probably has been a major baw kicking from the new directors and would be very, very surprised if we have a repeat of this.
  12. How the hell I thought Norway instead of Denmark I will never know ffs
  13. Been in cumbria too long, starting to behave like them oh dear
  14. All we got to hope is that Clarke realises that mctominay isn't a centre half, especially facing Norway with haaland......
  15. I think you are right to the fact teams especially those with smaller squad might decide to give more youth players a chance.................ahem to avoid bad press.
  16. I'm with you on this FS. Yes it may seem harsh to some as it's our club involved, would we be having a big debate if it was another ............naw. As much as it's a football club and it means a lot, it is a business as well. Any business that was going to start up after lockdown had/has to operate with a strict covid protocol which all staff have to comply with it's that simple.
  17. Whatever way its read, it's not good I'm sure you will agree. It's just imo that any appeal to this would be a waste of time and costly.
  18. Carlisle is a shockingly bad run team to be honest, a good season in eyes of owners is making play offs or just missing out, don't get promoted cos that cost money even before covid. They have got off well this season but I'd say 10 games to go they will change as usual. I used to be interested mid 00's, watched them drop out the league and that was horrible, next season watched them go back up and then nearly to championship and that's when the negative play and losing came in. Going from an attacking team to playing 1 up top home and away, etc hasn't changed except lg2 instead of lg1 doesn't matter who manager is.
  19. Having read the article it really would be a waste of time appealing it, club knew about the car sharing, etc and postponed games because they couldn't get a squad together. Seems a pointless exercise. In the case of dundee utd, theirs is staggeringly stupid given circumstances but they are fulfilling fixtures as they must have a larger squad. We got caught out through stupidity and smaller squad.
  20. To be fair he had to do something cos they were rotten in first half and should have been 3/4 down by half time really. Must be a killer to have game changers on bench tho.
  21. We went to both pre season friendlies at brunton park sitting in line with halfway line, mrs CS home side of line and me away side.
  22. Got to some few years back when driving a supporters bus with Carlisle utd. Was asked about those times if I would take gretna fans to hampden for semi final of cup, told boss at time that no chance, I'd take them to newcastle shopping instead. My boss looking horrified at this asked why to which I replied "they put st mirren out on quarters", his reply............FFS!!
  23. Holker street ground slightly more modern than borough park
  24. Cheers, thought it was, used to go past it when driving our metrocentre service from west Cumbria in late 90s Anyway got another good one Giant axe (Lancaster city) Proper old ground as well, good club as let us use pitch,etc for charity friendly match against Morecambe depot. Only was last year but seems like longer.
  25. Is that their ground that's near fed brewery and metrocentre
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