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  1. Really hope we can nick this, livi are dreadful. No threat just disruptive
  2. Quite possibly someone who can fit in where Jordan Jones did. Also SR rates. As for Greive, he must be horrible to play against runs all day, doesn't seem to be bothered about being kicked for 90 mins AND can be in right place right time like against Dundee.
  3. I would rather hope that the SPL was run on merit with regards to promotion criteria concerning playing status instead of Super League basically protecting the status quo in regards to who they want in and indeed as now who they would like in being Catalan, Toulouse and if covid hadn't happened then a heavily bankrolled Toronto.
  4. @faraway saint would i be right to assume that if Arbroath were to achieve premier league status, would they have to move to full time status. If so I don't have any doubt their board would make it happen. The main issue for me would be the deep down thinking of the players and whatever their respective jobs are. The reason I've brought this up was a few years back Whitehaven RLFC (I know it's rugby but sort of relevant) played Castleford in the championship grand final to gain promotion to the Super league. Now Whitehaven had won the league but super league had changed promotion rules to the grand final winners got promoted not league winners. To gain entry you had to be a full-time club, Whitehaven weren't Castleford were. Prior to game Whitehaven had beaten Castleford but on the day same Whitehaven team played as tho they had never met. The pressure of having to sacrifice jobs, a lot of whom worked at sellafield on good money for the possibility of just 1 season full-time spoke volumes.
  5. The beauty of it all really is that Arbroath really haven't got anything to lose. Its not belittling their part time status in the slightest as it has been highlighted this season that their commercial side has grown along with a really good down to earth manager who can get the best out of his team shows what can be achieved. For Inverness a loss on Friday would mean another season of juggling finances yet again to stay full-time and hopefully go up and for whoever Arbroath may meet in the final should they get there the fear of relegation and the financial implications of it certainly would play into Arbroaths favour imo.
  6. Not so sure as a much improved team performance against dundee. Whether the players are now getting the tactics and now playing with a bit more freedom or pushing for a move wouldn't like to say. That along with last home game of season and on a proper pitch i reckon we will take the 3 points. Need to remember to put laptop onto charge before I go to work as I don't finish til 7pm tomorrow.
  7. A win for us tomorrow night and the dons giving the fakes a good thumping leaving them with the potential of finishing bottom going into last game would be a good night all round.
  8. Or maybe booked in as soon as league safety was achieved and great chance to recover and be ready for pre season training and matches.
  9. Good result today and much better team performance. Dundee are a team that has given up. Right, I'm going to hold my hand up and admit I may have been too quick on SR judgement. Whether the penny has dropped with the players either playing to get a move or to try and change managers mind I don't know but they all seemed to get to grips with whatever they are being coached. Few beers tonight I think👍
  10. What you got to remember is as I have previously posted we, as many other SPL can't attract 'big' name players but finances and status don't allow it so whoever manages them has to get the best or worst out of them depending on having some tact or not. I'm not saying that the footy pre robbo was great BUT they played as a unit. Made difficult to beat and maybe grab a win. The players got it and did bloody well imo. Nowadays the same players absolutely drained of all confidence, look lost in whatever instructions they are given. Surely can't be many saints fans thinking robbo is doing a great job. More or less went in the same way as cloughie did at Leeds
  11. Not get injured but have a go, to have a go cos at the end of the day probably quite a few don't figure in SR's plans anyway.
  12. I think its more hope than anything. However surely now the players who are going to be off at end of season whether be loanees or released, if they have anything about them will be trying to put themselves in shop window for prospective clubs. I know I've posted before about them not wanting to run risk of getting seriously injured for a manager like SR, but if not for him or club. Do it for themselves.
  13. Agree with the player bit BUT unfortunately in the SPL there seems to be a 3 tier system to attracting players and we are in the bottom category. The big 2 will always attract better players, then there is hearts,hibs, aberdeen. Then the rest. Unfortunately it is down to managers to get the best or not out of what the club can attract. We had a mentality that we could always get something out of a game and big Joe certainly typified that. Now we look beaten as soon as the game kicks off. And thats down to the manager.
  14. For me anyway it's all gone wrong from the minute he decided to go public with players contracts not being renewed, etc. From then onwards it's been a staggering decline in player morale, etc. Whilst it is easy to point fingers at players down tools, it is quite possible to say they will already have alerted their respective agents to try and find them new clubs for next season.........some may even have by now and not willing to risk a serious injury for a manager like SR. Whether the board sack him or not now I do think the damage has already been done and possibly irreversible concerning this season. Bad appointment in the first instance.
  15. Maybe what he needs next season early on if his attitude the same is a short loan spell to a lower league part time club, shadowing a player. Meaning go to work with them, train etc and see if his attitude changes towards the privilege of being a full time professional changes. Main reason for posting this was i still play twice a week, sometimes 3 times if required on a Sunday at nearly 50 still love it. Tuesday nights with the Sunday league team, we have a lad who is 20 was on books with QOS youth team. Good, good player but my god when he loses it....... Wasted talent because of his attitude Thursday night with the depot team. We have a lad who was on Morecombe's books when he was younger and admits he got it wrong. Another good, good player but because of his hot head ended up driving buses.
  16. On this he does strike me as going to be 'another' one of these players that will drift out the game more likely by the time he is 30. If his attitude is as bad then it figures why he couldn't claim a regular 1st team place even under JG, raise his game to oust a veteran player that was brought in and why one day the penny will drop when he is sitting in the stands that he COULD have done this and that......... I admittedly haven't played anywhere near the level he plays at being professional but no matter what level if your attitude is crap you don't play,etc.
  17. Jeez wow!!!! Lost the plot there Ethan. Wasn't in the stands but watching it at home. It is easy really, keep it simple. Move, pass, tackle, shoot. Don't try anything clever keep it basic. Should maybe keep that in mind instead of stupid tweets. I do get the frustration but really its only him and his teammates that can turn it round collectively, if not for the manager then themselves.
  18. Panic again when we had a bit of money. Why we couldn't carry on with Langfield and McManus til the end of the season i will never know. 2 coaches who the players respected and will no doubt have carried on the work ethic and who knows. Instead now have squandered the compensation money and will have to pay SR out along with assistant IF they have the baws to admit they have got this wrong before it's too late.
  19. Sorry hit the submit button before I realised we actually could finish bottom
  20. And that is without some 🍻 on board......... Later posts might make more sense 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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