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  1. Surely, surely the directors have seen enough of this, there has got to be a point where if, and if they are serious about the club still being a SPL club at end if the season then get rid of SR now.
  2. We won't beat anyone in the play off with this clown in charge
  3. Had a look at the transfer history for morecambe 21/22, literally a complete change of playing staff under SR, understandably moving up a division would require a few additions but a wholesale change, perhaps not. I'm not a happy clapper in praise of SR, indeed very much the opposite. His management style, motivating players or not in his case and lets not forget the run we are on at present. SR is another Stubbs.
  4. Just a quick question along with Obika who were Robinson's signings?
  5. Just had a look he had been in loan a few times to clubs in greater Manchester area, so no doubt will have been on radar of McKenna.
  6. Think he was under previous managers since Ipswich tend to change quite a bit. However under Michael McKenna who had been on coaching staff at Manchester Utd, I wonder if the Ipswich current first choice keeper had come through the ranks at old Trafford but was one of the many that had been moved on.
  7. I have kept an eye on wigan matches to see if he has featured which he hasn't, sometimes happens. I however don't think he will end up at Aberdeen, maybe more like Salford or similar.
  8. Yeah I did see that not long before you posted it, seems to be the way forward in bottom half of table to say to your current players they have no future at respective clubs...........good to see we aren't the only ones
  9. Good old rover 213 or 216 there wonder how long after this was taken did it disintegrate with rust.
  10. But they did the same when we were at love street by giving the old firm the lions share of ticket allocation. Albeit different board but still same deep rooted mentality. The shocking thing about the last game was really that 2 of the better players on the day were loan players who quite frankly are putting themselves in the shop widow for other clubs, not ours for future being Gogic and Ronan. Alan Power was on the verge of losing it as no other player seemed interested in receiving ball from him, they would have previously. The harsh reality is we now are looking over our shoulder, forget the 2 points off 7th it may as well be 20. For christ sake take the hit and get rid of SR and put Langfield and McManus in charge til end of season and put a bit of pride back into the team.
  11. What i will say surely there were members of the board at yesterday's game. What was noticeable for me was the amount of empty seats in the main stand, I know why they give up allocation to the old firm not that I agree at all with it but unfortunately money talks. However I would have expected 'our stands' to be full. Is this not an indication to the board of the discontent amongst fans. Fair play if anyone points out that I don't attend many games, I would do basically if I could and its down to finances travelling from west cumbria. Back to topic tho, surely the likes of Gordon Scott can't be happy with whats going on.
  12. Agree with what you have posted but we have to start picking points up asap. The constant statement of 2 points off 7th is all good and well but we are in a shocking run of form and to me anyway in his interview on sky, Robinson looked a defeated man.
  13. Apart from the first game on sky todayπŸ₯Ί watched Norwich match which was good then man city one which turned out a better match.
  14. As much as i see your points about last season, I think collectively we are a better team than last season and to be honest 11 games undefeated no matter how you play speaks volumes, since then and a bad change of manager 1 win in 9 with even that being a bloody hard watch with the same players who had confidence prioir also speaks volumes.
  15. Agree totally, not only league money but tv rights, etc. along with that its harder to recruit players to get back up AND I believe championship is a harder league to get out of now that what it was.
  16. I'm not saying we didn't have failings cos we did but we were difficult to break down and they had the ability to grind out points AND play collectively as a team. The big thing today was big Joe's demeanour, not the rampaging captain as before. Maybe he has been told he doesn't figure after this season.
  17. Maybe so but you weren't told you had no future there literally as soon as they walked through the door. It's a costly mistake again like Stubbs.
  18. Anybody think he is on his way after that I terview
  19. Soon for the manager interviewson sky, can't wait to see it. Who is he going to blame this time??? Obviously not his fault at all for piss poor management style.
  20. Surely to God get rid of Robinson now. We will be in championship next season with this guy in charge. Come on board we have got 5 games to save premier league status.
  21. Caught ball watching again. Not being funny but that is basic, basic stuff we aren't getting right.
  22. Will be naughty step nextπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  23. It's a line up that I would imagine should get something from match. Maybe the pressure being off pushing for a top 6 place might help. Quick point from yesterday. When going home from workington game had radio Scotland on when top places were finalised and trying not to be disrespectful but when Ross County are beating us to it THEN all at our club need to have a good long hard look at themselves whether it be players, coaches, manager, even higher ups. Ross County Ffs.
  24. Jeez don't you be setting someone off againπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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