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  1. Amateur hour at St Mirren TV. Unbelievably bad
  2. Just to check, would you say we are having a bad season?
  3. I get the analogy, but not sure it stacks up when you're talking about a football league with 12 teams in it. You can't really have the rules (whatever they are) being applied on some kind of discretionary basis in this context or the whole thing becomes a farce. The SPFL have set a precedent of sorts here which they will need to stick to. To be fair, there is plenty of frustration being directed towards the club and the board - and rightly so. None more so I suspect than from JG and the players who lose most out of this. If there were procedures to be followed which were not then it goes without saying that these needs to be reviewed, and it sounds like they are. That should not be in dispute and I don't think it is, for the most part. What is also understandable though is the frustration towards the SPFL. There is a general sense that they have felt the need to hammer a couple of clubs in this particular instance by dishing out defeats when the time felt right to them. The fact that we are being lambasted in the report for not sitting two metres apart at a table, for example, while the wider Scottish football public and authorities overlook (/ celebrate) the likes of the Davie Marshall Scotland team conga just sums up how obscure the whole situation is. Anyway, onwards to this afternoon.
  4. Which is exactly what I went on to say immediately below.....
  5. Would a points deduction for us not also leave the likes of Motherwell worse off in this scenario though? As they end up with 0 points from the potentially available 6, given their two games were called off. Unless there is a points deduction for the 'offending' team and the game still gets played at some point. Which flies against the SPFL Tribunal's argument that the fixture list is too congested to condone reorganising these games... There is no neat solution where points being awarded / deducted is concerned. In the broader circumstances of the season this is not a route the SPFL should have gone down IMO.
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