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  1. Toxic Titch from Arbroath arriving for his first training session at Ralston.
  2. Toxic Titch from Arbroath hitting out and abusing Ricky for being a decent and very well mannered and successful man . The jealousy of the tiny idiot has just about wrecked his head . Ricky is a great St Mirren supporter which Tiny Tears never has and never will be . Poisonous dwarf.
  3. I have never accused anybody of giving out likes to themselves using their own aliases. Neither has Shull. Your friend, the Forum bully, abuser and troll, Toxic Titch from Arbroath is the culprit who said Shull was using aliases to like shull's own posts . Titch cried so much that he reported Shull to the Webmaster and got Shull banned for many months.
  4. I remember her. Did you get her banned also ?
  5. Better tell Toxic Titch from Arbroath which strip belongs to St Mirren.
  6. You did cry to Div after getting really upset about Shull liking his own posts. Why Titch ? Was it really your wee man's syndrome kicking in ? Did you think you were being relevant and a big man by telling tales ? There are many better people than you on here and you hate that and despise them. Your envy and mega jealousy drives you mental. Your obsession with a few makes you lash out with bullying, trolling and abusing. You have to be top dog. You never will. You are in the forum gutter with a handful of your trolling arselicking sidekicks for company.
  7. For the benefit of Toxic Titch from Arbroath, the above is Love Street in Paisley, the former home of St Mirren Football Club. The team you have never supported and whose fans you bully, troll and abuse on this forum.
  8. What was your problem with Shull liking his own likes? Nobody cared apart from you. Why cry ? Why angry? Why report him? Why want him banned? What is your problem wee and insignificant man ?
  9. Toxic Titch still obsessed with likes on the forum. The only person to care about likes. Why did you get Shull banned regarding likes. Why did you cry to Div about Shull and his likes?
  10. No. However, if you don't believe Toxic Titch is a bully, troller and abuser then you are welcome to ignore my posts. It's that easy. You could read the St Mirren memories of Tiny Tears from Arbroath instead. Blank page.
  11. The wee bully still has no answer.
  12. To be Top Titch of the Forum, he will tell us about his millions of holidays that he goes on . Even though, when on holiday, he spends waking time bullying, trolling and abusing Saints fans on the forum.
  13. Well done St Lucifer. You have broken him.
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