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  1. Will somebody inform him ? I and many others were there that day. He wasn't. He has no memories of Fergie's Furies. Toxic Titch from Arbroath has never supported St Mirren and never will. He loves to abuse, troll, bully and belittle St Mirren fans.
  2. Toxic Titch from Arbroath abusing, trolling and bullying a St Mirren fan once again. So what, if the Saints fan from Kilwinning had not posted for six years. Maybe he had a bigger water feature than the poisoned dwarf from Arbroath. Severe wee man's syndrome
  3. Your post is liked by a bullying abusive troll who has never supported St Mirren. He doesn't have a clue about Stark, Young or Stewart. Ask the fake Saint from Arbroath about Fergies furies. Wee bawbag Toxic Titch doesn't know..
  4. Great sentiment. A very happy new year to St Mirren fans everywhere in the world Except Arbroath obviously as we have no Saints fans living there..
  5. Quite a few new St Mirren memories topics on General St Mirren Discussion. Conspicuous by his absence on those is Toxic Titch from Arbroath. Not really a surprise as he is not and never has been a St Mirren Supporter. He has no memories of anything about St Mirren FC. He has replied to almost every topic on this forum but has said not a thing regarding his knowledge and memories of St Mirren. That's because he is a fake Saint with zero knowledge and zero memories of St Mirren. He is an abusing chancer.
  6. You have Toxic Titch from Arbroath well sussed out Well done Bazil.
  7. Says Hypocrite Harry from Arbroath, who loves to bully , troll and abuse St Mirren fans on their own forum. He laughs while he calls Saints fans, loonballs, lunatics and Dykebar residents A vile and unwelcome contributor to our forum who insults the St Mirren family.
  8. I couldn't be more calmer. This is so easy and pleasurable. Hypocrite Harry on his way.
  9. Coming to a topic very soon. Is he going to get a new alias ? What about Hypocrite Harry ?
  10. I didn't. You better check the post again. Anyway, if I had, it would make him feel 10 feet tall instead of his usual two
  11. A home match v Stranraer on September 1972 was my first experience. I loved it and have been going ever since. Gus and Ally McLeod were my legends in that first season. Seen Gus score 5 against Hamilton Accies.
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