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  1. I don’t suppose anyone at the club can explain why Falkirk ( a League One side) are allowed 3 times the amount that St Mirren are allowed?
  2. We have less than three thousand season ticket holders... Everyone who wanted to should have had at least one chance at going to a game. Also as buddieinek has said what's wrong with having family bubbles sitting together? we've seen the images from other SPL grounds. JOKE!
  3. It's the club that are due criticism for this farce not the fans who were successful. They've made an arse of it but I don't expect them to admit it any time soon.
  4. There isn't and I'm not going to listen to anyone trying to defend it...it's pretty amateur to be honest.
  5. It's pathetic, it's the first one we've applied for and both my brothers were successful, it doesn't even make sense.
  6. Absolutely farcial from the club. The joke ballot... My brothers have been successful and I sit next to them at the ground. I'm in their company quite often during the week but can't sit next to them at the football...which is outside! Couldn't make it up!
  7. The ballot system is useless. However I have put my name down because I'm fed up watching a live stream for my money that I've forked out for the last 2 seasons like a few thousand others. If I can't sit with my brothers and nephew then that's a complete nonsense, I'll wait till I see the result of the ballot to see if that's what happens. I also think the club should award the fans in some way for their support and loyalty over the last 2 seasons. In what way? That's for the club to decide but they should show their gratitude in some way.
  8. Ah right i read that i think but had lost track of when πŸ‘
  9. When are they likely to go on sale? 🐼
  10. Just donated. St Mirren were treated very unfairly in my opinion.
  11. I like Obika but he does blow hot and cold and right now we're looking for a bit extra from him, Erhahon style extra, something inspirational. I've read elsewhere that Kyle wanted a 4 year contract and our board said no.. i seriously doubt that's true.
  12. I get what you say but going down severely cuts our revenue even further, at least one in would help for the rest of the campaign.
  13. He was our captain, Jim clearly saw him central to the team and was looking forward to having one of our better players back. I think judging from Jim's reaction to the subject in interviews it's clear he was assured Kyle was staying. We badly need a consistent striker, Obika blows hot and cold and Morais isn't a striker, so he's getting used out of position. It's unfair to pick on Dennis and Erwin at this stage, one is injured and the other is still trying to settle in,
  14. Nicola Sturgeon acted like a proper leader and encouraged her to resign, unlike Bojo the clown and Cummings.
  15. Gus Mcpherson's wage in these times of Covid was a luxury. I have no doubt that we could get someone in for a similar role in future when there's more money about.
  16. We deserved a draw last night and didn't get it. The board need a few last minute signings to make up for the loss of Magennis or i can see us struggling big style. I know we can't get a settled team on the park recently but that's what a squad is for and other teams seem to cope. Time to back Jim BOD instead of undermining him,
  17. The only thing that will soften the blow is getting a couple of new players in to replace kyle, Looks like we need some extra players when we only have 3 outfield players on the bench,
  18. I know this whole forum is just a wind up...aye it is... but don't talk pish! My friend is in hospital with the virus , he has no underlying conditions and he 's only 41....The virus is definitely real.
  19. But surely they can buy the game pay per view. Just as if there were going to the game. Half the SPL have already said that season ticket winter have to pay. If boxing can do it then i don't see why not. The whole thing is going to feel weird but at least we'll get something.
  20. I don't come on the forum very much when there's no football on. The forum has always been busier when we're shite and in trouble. People have a life outside of a football forum and sometimes they're very busy, sometimes they're not. Sometimes i enjoy what's being posted on the forum...other times it's repetitive and annoying. These are all reasons why forums lose the flow of traffic. If someone takes it on then things will get busier again eventually, it would be a shame if it didn't.
  21. That would be the common sense thing to do and it would only be for half a season hopefully.
  22. My reading of it is that we'll get it for free but that doesn't help the fans who don't usually buy a season ticket.
  23. It's definitely Boris and Dominic that have been coming on... wonder what their usernames are ?πŸ˜„
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