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  1. To be fair kibble did envision this, but it was a nonsense notion from the start, they had absolutely no notion of the costs involved or the legalities, let alone the staffing levels! non starter from the outset,
  2. God, no, although mark McMillan ( yes that one! ) did try to get kibbles catering staff to supply pies etc, he was genuinely surprised to find out they couldn’t, due to having kids to feed etc. although kibble catering chefs will be doing hospitality, directors etc, wouldn’t expect that to last more than a few games, I can see west of Scotland having to come back in.
  3. Mark McMillan, was,of course, forced out of his position at Renfrewshire council for his, ahem, consultancy work with kibble, a conflict of interest apparently, although luckily for him, he was soon employed by said kibble and swiftly promoted to his £80k a year position, luckily enough.
  4. David Jamiesons LinkedIn also says he has a demonstrable history of working in the entertainment industry, despite his only employer ever being kibble, so I’d be taking that quote with a pinch of salt. He’s been replaced by Lindsey McLean who, to be fair, has at least worked at some point outside of kibble.
  5. Well, now, interestingly, enough renderwork have been working on contracts inside kibble for 4 yrs now (since Jim Gillespie became CEO) they have no track record of working in social enterprises, they have not taking on or trained any kibble YPs, in any capacity, but what they have done since kibble bought into St Mirren, is to form a stewarding company and interestingly a catering company which will be running the stalls at the ground as of the next home game. Purely coincidental I’m sure, although for someone who wants to encourage local businesses it’s nice of Jim Gillespie (a native of airdrie) to be spreading the jam to 3 of his neighbours rather than just the one.
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