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  1. Wouldn’t dare, but the fellas obviously making a long term commitment to the kibble, sorry the club, there must be a long term vision in place.
  2. And his wife has just started her new job at kibble as mark McMillans PA bit awkward that, we’ve a new C,O,O on the way, new challenges next season and the championship is a great league to play in.
  3. That doesn’t open unfortunately.
  4. It’s a puzzler, not just 2 seats on the board, a newly created vice chairman position, can’t understand this line that kibble put money into the club, they put money into GS pocket for sure, but the actual contribution to st Mirren fc has been negligible, David Jameson was appointed general manager he was an absolute disaster, so he goes back to kibble and they get to appoint another GM? Utter stupidity on st Mirren part.
  5. Big kibble connection right there, strong family ties, his legendary faither and sister both work there,
  6. Honestly? Everything, badly placed, prohibitively expensive,( a couple of hours at the experience was dearer than a day ticket at Alton towers,) poorly organised very hard to book ( for example you could never book a works day out properly, you could get the karts for a morning but the restaurant wasn’t available or the laser quest would be booked out the same day, it just seemed like an outdated idea by the time it was operational,
  7. He did, but then freely admitted that Tony and David Jameson drew up the shortlist interviewed the candidates then awarded the contract! Nothing to see here I tell you.
  8. Bearing in mind, of course, that Jim Gillespie stated aim is to change kibble from a “Paisley based education and care centre to the countries leading social enterprise’ it’ll be an interesting couple of years! TEX was an absolute disaster there’s no getting away from it, so 400k into the buds? A drop in the ocean rather than the albatross when saying you’re a social enterprise,
  9. Asigura has definitely lost the contract as the fella was back at kibble Tuesday morning labouring for his pal putting a new in Jim’s new boardroom
  10. That’s hilarious, both the stewarding contract and the catering contract were stripped from the renderworks linked company & replaced by reputable companies that’s a win for everyone who cares about the reputation of the club
  11. Well bud, like a lot of folks here my names on the wall, been following st Mirren since the early 80s, Started on the clarkes bus, survived the “reeking in Brechin” trip, teamed up briefly with JBs we moved to the wee barrel, watched Tom Henry pour the worst pint in history while propping up mark yardley! left there when the owner turned *** and kicked us out for the price of a sausage roll Headed over to the old onetwo onetwo, before moving to Lang’s and settled down there ever since! don’t normally post in forums, because it means interacting with folk like yourself, never a pleasant experience, but felt an injection of positivity was called for.
  12. Nope that’s purely down to the board of chief executive making a balls up of contracting out the pie stalls, kibble catering were never going to attempt this, way too many issues, the most important being staffing / manning the actual kiosks, I reckon kibbles got maybe 12 catering staff in total, no way could they even look at taking this on realistically
  13. See the problem there is your playing the man instead of the ball, if you think any Kibble employee would be defending Jim Gillespie or mark McMillan? you’d be delusional,
  14. More importantly, I’ve been a buddie a lot longer than I’ve worked for kibble and if they make a baws of this ? there’s going to be hell to pay!
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