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  1. No problem. I can only go on my personal experience growing up and that of my previous generations.
  2. I never said everyone or everything is ok now with housing. I said there have been massive changes in my lifetime.
  3. I think it’s amazing how so many people grew up in those living conditions and what changes we have seen in housing today. I firmly believe we were a more caring neighbourly society back then when nearly everyone was in the same boat. Nowadays there appears to be a very selfish attitude within communities. Respect for the police has dropped like a stone. Our kids and grandkids don’t know how lucky there are. Doubt they will ever have to scrape off ice from inside the windows or get dressed for school in bed, because it was baltic. As a nation we have come on leaps and bounds in terms of housing and luxuries like washing machines, colour TVs, mobile phones, and central heating (although many won’t be able to use it this winter, but that’s a different topic altogether.)
  4. That’s why he has been twice Wimbledon mens singles champion. Another major and two Olympic gold medals. 41 singles titles in total,p. He has come back from major hip surgery and other injuries. Exactly what gave you achieved in your lifetime that even comes close?
  5. Tony was a great player. Especially in his first spell with us. He drove our midfield forward, socks at his ankles, no shin guards. Great leader on the park. Scored a few goals. Flanked usually by Lex Richardson and Billy Stark it was a terrific midfield three supported by a winger. Personally I was gutted when he left, but once Fergie and McGarvey left the club he went south. Don’t think he made the right choice in Bristol City. When he came back he was again a regular, but had personal issues with his son and experienced some bad injuries. One in particular was a serious broken jaw/check bone as a result of getting pummelled into a Perspex wall at the 6 a side tournament that used to be held. He had options of joining Celtic or Aberdeen with Fergie when he left Bristol but our directors played a master stroke in bringing him back as there was a house in Paisley he always admired and it had come up for sale at the right time. He was a far better player than Shuggie. Very unfortunate not to have been capped by Scotland but he was on the fringes on the national team. I wish there was more footage of the old days. Best find the Marchin In footage that was uploaded on the site by Div. Cant find it anymore.
  6. Nice to see Ethan smiling and Thommo as mad as ever.
  7. You just can’t be arsed travelling. 🤣 Aye do that. I’d love to see the Saints fans on the ran dan in your home town. Do they sell Buckie or Eldorado over there?
  8. Some of our great sides in the past (early 80s) went and competed in the Isle of Man tournament. Wish we could get invited again.
  9. I’d fcuking love to watch the fitba at St Mirren Park in a comfy armchair. In winter a helpful steward can bring me a heated blanket with my pie and bovril. Where in the stadium can you buy such luxury? I could not see that option when purchasing my season ticket. Hope you don’t have to have been to international ambassadors dinners to qualify!
  10. I know enough about charities and how they operate at a senior level. What do you know? Maybe it’s better you tell us your experience as you come across very angry about my opinion of their salaries. I personally don’t believe the CEOs and fellow directors of these charities deserve the massive salaries and pensions. These excessive wages and benefits do not sit well with me. I choose carefully where my charity donations go and the places where I volunteer to help others less fortunate. In some hospitals in the UK foodbanks have been set up to help NHS staff. These people deserve better. It’s only going to get worse.
  11. Your spelling indicates that you did not do very well at school. I can’t imagine you have ever been in a boardroom unless you were emptying the bins.
  12. Guaranteed that they won’t be out in the streets at the weekends in the pouring rain shaking a can and asking some OAPs to empty their purse and leave their remaining estate to the charity. The top “executive” in the Salvation Army receives £15,500 and some living quarters.
  13. They are a bit of an irrelevance. So don’t worry. You do remember the supposed betting scandal they were involved in when they threw away an unbelievable lead in some lower division they were playing in? They had, at one stage, been 12 points clear at the top of the table, but a spectacular collapse saw them finish in fourth place - 11 points behind eventual champions Airdrie United. Has the Renfrewshire Cup now been stopped for good?
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